Resignation Email to Clients

It is an email in which you thank your clients for having a good business relationship throughout the time of client’s account with you.

You can start the email by informing the client about your resignation from the company.

In the second paragraph, you can talk about your experience with the client and thank him for his cooperation in the meantime.

You can then end the email by giving out the details, to the client, about your colleague who will further contact the client to maintain their account.


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    Sample Resignation Email to Clients

    Subject: Resignation

    Dear Mr. Bravo,

    This is to inform you about my formal resignation from the John and John Private Limited. During my tenure at the company, I really enjoyed my journey with my colleagues, as well as with my clients.

    I worked on your account for the last four years and therefore, I take this opportunity to thank you for being patient and giving constant feedbacks, which greatly helped me to improve my services.

    It was my pleasure for being a part of your business transactions and I thank you for allowing me to add value to your company, which in turn, helped in learn new skills and abilities.

    Now I will not be able to continue working on your account, however, I still believe to keep a good and amiable relationship with you.

    From now on, Bella will be looking after you account at the John and John Private Limited. You can contact her at

    P.S: I will be resigning with effect from 29 October, 2013.

    Thanks & Regards

    Alex Eisenberg
    Senior Executive
    John and John Private Limited

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    Template of Resignation Email to Clients

    To: [Recipient’s email]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Client’s Name],

    It is to inform you that I have already penned down my resignation from the position of [Your Designation] at the [Company Name]. So, I take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to serve you and your organisation in the last four years.

    I hope that you also enjoyed working with me as your personal relationship manager [or any other position]. I have handed over your account details [Name of your colleague who will work on client’s account], and he/she will work with you from today onwards.

    You can contact her anytime at [email address] or at [Phone number]. I wish you and your business best of luck.


    [Your Name]
    [Your Position]
    [Company Name]

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