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Communication is very important for any business in order to thrive. This includes all kinds of communication including business inquiry emails.

In order to inquire about a business, it is not a bad idea that an email is sent. It has to be sent in a professional manner and it is important that the right words are chosen so that the idea can be properly delivered.

Start your email with a polite inquiry about the nature of business and their possible need for certain products or services.

In the second paragraph, give a brief introduction and let the other person know that you are willing to provide them with your goods and services.

Conclude the email with a request for a positive response on their part and also let them know that you are available to answer any queries.


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    Sample of Business Inquiry Email:

    Subject: Business Inquiry

    Dear Mr. John,

    First of all, we at Silver Foods would like to congratulate you on your new fast food franchise that has arrived in our town. The traditional burgers you are offering are popular in this area and people certainly enjoy what you have to offer.

    We would like to provide you with all kinds of sauces, a field in which we specialise. Our sauces are famous all over the state and we are already providing our products to a number of fast food chains in the area. We can arrange some more details for you if interested.

    We are looking forward to a positive response on your part. Feel free to email me on the same address if you have any queries.


    Edward Hamilton
    Senior Sales Manager
    Silver Foods

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    Template of Business Inquiry Email:

    To: [email address]
    Subject: [subject of email]

    Dear Mr. [name of addressee],

    Many congratulations on the start of your soccer club. It was indeed the need of the hour in our area. We [name of organisation] are associated with the sports clothing business for [number of years] now and will like to offer our services to you in this regard.

    We are already supplying a number of sports clubs and college teams in the area and our products are top notch. It would be an honour for us to have your business.

    We will be awaiting your response. For any queries, feel free email me at anytime.


    [Name of Sender]
    [Company Name]

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