Customer Apology Email

To run a successful business, you need to keep your customers always satisfied. You might receive customer complaints regarding the products you sale to them or the services you provide and it is your utmost obligation to adhere to those customer complaints. Writing an apology email to the customers shows your professionalism and the care you have for your customers.

Begin the email with apologizing the customer about whatever went wrong. Tell the recipient how much you value your customers and you are indeed very sorry for causing the inconvenience to them.

In the second paragraph of your email, you better explain the cause of the hitch to your customer. Accept that it was your company’s fault and actions will be taken against those responsible. Assure your customer that such problem will never happen in the future.

In the third paragraph, you should assure your customer that every necessary step will be taken to make things right for him/her. give the solution to the problem and insist your customer to remain loyal to your organisation in the future as well.


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    Sample of Customer Apology Email


    Dear Mr. Paul,

    I received your email today and came to know that you have been delivered with damaged products which you ordered online last week on my company's website. Kindly accept my heartiest apologies on this matter and I assure you it will be rectified at the earliest.

    It has happened for the first time that a customer has complained about broken DVD player being delivered to him/her. We have an excellent packing system at our manufacturing department and try our level best to deliver the best to your customers. I shall look out what was the actual cause of such incident and make sure it never happens in the future.

    Your broken DVD player will be replaced with a new one and as a compensation for the inconvenience caused to you, my company will also provide you with three DVD's of your choice absolutely free. I again present my deepest apologies and hope our commercial relationship is not jeopardized by this small misshapen.


    James Anderson
    Manager Production
    Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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    Template of Customer Apology Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Dear Mr./Mrs [name of the recipient]

    Accept my humblest apologies for not delivering your ordered goods on time. I know your goods were to be delivered two days ago but due to some unavoidable circumstances, we have failed to do so.

    This delay in delivery has happened due to the drastic fire accident which took place in our production area last week. The fire ate up a huge quantity of finished goods and this is the reason we couldn't dispatch the equipment you ordered. I assure you that your inconvenience will come to an end in the next two days, as your specified goods will be completed and dispatched to your mailing address the day after tomorrow.

    I again apologies for the sufferings you had because of us and hope this wont affect our commercial relation in the future.

    [Your name]
    [Your designation]

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