Complaint Email to Airlines

Not all airlines are as efficient as they should be, especially the local ones, and you might encounter some annoying problems with their services. It is better to register your complaint to the heads of the airlines so that other passengers might not face the same irritating scenarios in the future.

You should begin the opening paragraph by clearly stating the purpose of your email. Tell the recipients you want to register your complaint about the services provided by them. Also mention the date and time when you travelled by their airlines.

Explain your actual problem in the following paragraph, telling every detail of the mishap. You have to tell the recipient who was the actual responsible for the problem and you can also suggest a possible solution.

Conclude your email with mentioning your concerns and hoping the recipient would hold your request into consideration.


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    Sample of Complaint Email to Airlines


    Dear Mr. James Franklin,
    BA NYC, USA Office

    I travelled by your airlines on Saturday 11th May 2013 and I regret to say that it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. I want to officially register my complaint as a dissatisfied customer of your airlines.

    My journey wasn’t bad at all but the real problem happened when I was checking out from the airport. I submitted three bags of luggage while getting on board and when I checked out, only two bags were handed over to me. After inquiring from the officials, I was told only two of my bags have arrived with the flight. Although there were not so many valuable things in that bag, its misplacement has caused me significant trouble and I ask you to investigate this matter at your earliest.

    I hope you will hold my request into consideration and will succeed in finding my lost bag at your earliest.


    Stephen Henry

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    Template of Complaint Email to Airlines

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Dear Mr./Mrs. [name of the recipient]
    [mailing address of the recipient]

    I am writing this email to inform you about the disappointing event caused by the negligence of your company’s staff. I am extremely unpleased to complain about this matter but I hope it will be taken positively by your company.

    I booked one of your airline’s flight to Chicago two days ago on phone. Your representative confirmed me that my reservation has been made but when I reached the airport to catch my flight, I was extremely disappointed to find there was no reservation for me. I had already paid for the flight via credit card but I couldn’t get a seat on the plane. I have missed out an important business meeting in Chicago just because of this mistake of your representative.

    I request to look into this matter and refund me the amount I paid for the ticket. Hope you will respond positively.


    [Your name]
    [Your telephone and mailing address]

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