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If you are finding it hard to sleep at night because of the noise in your neighbours’ house and this is becoming a routine, then you sure need to take a firm action to put an end to it. You will find yourself getting increasingly frustrated if you allow the noisy nights to continue. If you are having trouble getting the hang of your neighbours, the best thing to do is to send them an email if you have their email address.

While writing an email to complaint about the noise to your neighbour, introduce yourself in the first paragraph and inform them of the purpose behind the email.

In the second paragraph, express your frustration to your neighbour, clearly explaining how the noise is disturbing you.

In the third paragraph, suggest a solution to your neighbour in order to resolve the issue.


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    Sample of a Noise Complaint Email


    Hello Mr. Smith,

    I am Kelly Clarkson, your next-door neighbour. I am writing to you in order to complain of the noise that has been coming from your house at night time for the past two weeks.

    I have been trying to get in touch with you, but it seems that you work a night-shift. I have a day job, which is why we both are never home at the same time. I want you to know that while you are away at night, your kids seem to be making the most of your absence and go wild. The noise does not allow me to sleep peacefully, which is a huge issue for me as I get extremely tried after working throughout the day. I am sure you can understand the importance of eight-to-nine hour sleep after nine hours at work.

    I request you to kindly take necessary steps to keep your kids a bit quieter during the night. I suggest that you talk to them about this issue and request them to show a bit of respect for the neighbours. I will immensely appreciate an action on your part.

    Thank you


    Kelly Clarkson
    Ph: 281-991-8451

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    Template of a Noise Complaint Email

    To: [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Hello [Recipient’s Name],

    I am [Your Name] and I reside in the house right next to your house. I am writing to you in regard of the loud noises that come from your house during the night. This has been happening regularly since the last four days and is keeping me from getting a peaceful sleep.

    I have been trying to get in touch with you to talk on this issue with you face-to-face, but you and I seem to have different shift timings, which is why I cannot get a hold of you. I am sure you understand just how frustrating it is to have a really hectic day at work and then home only to hear loud noises coming from the neighbour’s house.

    I have a feeling that you were not aware of loud noise from your house disturbing the neighbours while you are at work, which is why I fulfilled my responsibility of bringing this issue to your attention. I would immensely appreciate it if you take appropriate and necessary steps.

    Thank you


    [Your Name]
    [Your Email Address]
    [Your Phone Number]

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