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Restaurants are a part and parcel of life in many cultures as people prefer to dine out with friends and family without the hassle of cooking and having a chance to enjoy a nice meal. Sometimes the experience can go against what we have planned for any reason. Often it is the quality of food or the service that lets us down.

In case you have had such an experience, it is not a bad idea that you email the management of the restaurant to let them know about your experience.

Start the email with the sequence in which the events unfolded and how you got to the restaurant in the first place including what you ordered. Do mention the date and time for the benefit of the management.

In the second paragraph, tell the addressee about the experience and what was wrong with it. Try to fully explain your grievances with as many details as possible.

In the third and final paragraph, express your disappointment and humbly ask the required personnel to look into the matter and if possible, provide you with some sort of compensation.


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    Sample of Restaurant Complaint Email

    Dear Mr. Adams,

    I dined at your restaurant with my family on April 29, 2013 at around 8 pm. I have dined in your restaurant previously in which I liked the food and service. The service this time around, however, was not up to your general standards.

    The food for one came after well over an hour as opposed to forty five minutes that you advertise. When it was finally served, it was cold and did not have the taste one expects. It was almost bland and devoid of any taste. The waiting staff also didn’t seem to bothered about the taste or the delay that took place.

    All I can say is that I am disappointed considering your restaurant is one of the more expensive and well known places in the city. I hope that some kind of resolution can be made since I really would like to dine at your place once again.


    Mike Hamilton

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    Template of Restaurant Complaint Email

    Dear [Name of Addressee],

    I visited your restaurant with some friends on [give date you dined]. We came on the insistence of a friend who suggested that your Mexican Stake was the best in town.

    However, it was [describe what was wrong] for the same price as your competition and did taste strange. One of our friends suffered from food poisoning in the early hours of the morning.

    Kindly investigate the issue and let us know. We hope that this is a one off event and the issue will be resolved.


    [Name of Sender]

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