Distant Love Email

Maintaining a long distance relationship is always a very challenging task, mostly due to the hindrances the couple might face when it comes to communicating with each other. However, with the help of modern technology, we can stay in touch with people from all across the globe, and email is a particularly effective way to express your love for a person who happens to live far away.

In order to communicate clearly and effectively, it is imperative that you use simple language in a distant love email.

In the opening paragraph of the email, you should talk about how you are missing  your partner, and how his/her absence has affected your life. It is also important to let him/her know how you have been doing, because the recipient will  naturally be concerned.

You can then move on to talking about the recent happenings in your life, in the body of the email. In the second, third and fourth paragraph, you can share some past memories, and make future plans in regards to the relationship.

In the concluding paragraph, you should express your desire to meet the recipient as soon as possible, and let him/her know how much you love him/her. End the email on a positive note and try to bring a smile to the face of your significant other – avoid a depressing tone at all costs.


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    Sample of Love Email

    To: roberta434@rmail.com

    Subject: For my love

    Dear Roberta,

    At times it becomes very difficult for us to talk to each other on the phone, because of the time difference; therefore, I thought that writing you an email would be the more appropriate option. I am missing you very much, and it is becoming extremely difficult for me to live far away from you.

    Christmas was not the same without you and I just wish that you were here. My job is going quite well, and I received a promotion last week. You told me about the difficulties you are facing with your boss; I would advise you to remain strong and positive, and am confident that everything will be fine soon.

    Please try to apply for some leaves during summer, because I want to spend some time with you. I love you the most in this world.

    Yours only,


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    Template of Love Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Subject: [something romantic]

    Dear [name of the recipient]

    I know that you are probably sleeping right now, which is why I am sending you an email instead of calling you. I wanted to express myself, because I have been missing you a great deal.

    Please do not worry about my mom’s health, because she is perfectly fine now. In fact, she was asking about you just yesterday.

    If I manage to get a couple of leaves, I will come to New York next month just to meet you.

    Always yours,


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