Product Complaint Email

If you are dissatisfied from any product which you have brought or you have discovered certain faults in it, you better let the manufacturers know about your problem. You can either post a letter or send an email to register your complaint.

You should start your email by stating the specifications of the product you purchased. Mention the date of purchase and price of the product as well, along with the name of the store you shopped at.

In the following paragraph, you should explain your problem to the manufacturers, giving all the possible details. You can also suggest any possible solution to that particular problem, such as refunding, replacement or asking the manufacturer to pay for the repairs.

Conclude your email by paying your regards to the manufacturers and asking them to resolve your issue on a timely base.


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    Sample of Product Complaint Email


    Dear Mr. Sam,

    I brought a juicer machine of your company’s brand from Circuit City store in Miami, Florida, a week of weeks ago for $180. I am not pleased to inform you that there is a fault in that product and I want to register my complain about it.

    The juicer machine actually has a leak in its compartment. Whenever I have used it to make some juice, the liquid keeps spilling out at the bottom. It is quite unpleasing when a significant amount of juice gets wasted in this manner. I hope this is only a minor fault and can be repaired easily or otherwise the entire juicer machine needs to be replaced with the new one.

    Kindly update me the course of action I shall adopt to eradicate this problem. I will wait for your positive response.


    David Blain

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    Template of Product Complain Email

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Dear Mr./Mrs. [name of the recipient]

    I brought one of your company’s products from the local electronics store last week and I am quite disappointed to tell you, it has a major fault in it.

    The juice maker I purchased of your brand spills out liquid from its main compartment, making a huge mess around the entire space. This makes the juice maker unusable and I wish I can have it replaced with a faultless one. Although this fault can be repaired, it might happen again in future as well.

    Kindly update me on this complaint and suggest me the better course of action I should adopt.


    [Your name]
    [Your residence address, phone number and email address]

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