How to Add and Delete Groups in Yahoo Messenger

For years now, a number of people have been using Internet Messengers such as MSN, Skype and Yahoo Messengers as a means of staying in touch with friends and family members. Yahoo Messenger is one of the most commonly used internet messengers because it allows its users a number of features such as mail, call, text message and file sharing. In Yahoo Messenger, it is possible for users to sort their messenger contacts into a number of certain groups such as family, friends, colleagues etc. Adding or deleting these groups is a very easy task.


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    Adding a group in Yahoo Messenger

    Launch Yahoo Messenger from the shortcut icon placed on the desktop or from the Start menu. Wait momentarily for the programme to load and then sign in using the already assigned username and password.

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    In the menu bar at the top of the messenger window, you will see a number of different buttons. Click ‘Contacts’ and from the Contacts drop-down menu which appears, click ‘Organize Messenger List.’

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    Click ‘Create a New Group’. You will be prompted to choose a name for the group being added. Choose a name which would best describe the type of contacts you will be adding to that group. Common group names are ‘Friends’, ‘Family’, ‘Work’ etc. Click the button labelled ‘OK’ and the group will be added to Yahoo Messenger.

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    You can go ahead and add new messenger contact to the group you just added. Alternatively, you can drag contacts from other groups and drop them to the new group.

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    Deleting a group from Yahoo Messenger

    Launch Yahoo Messenger and sign in using your Yahoo account username and password.

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    Keep in mind that Yahoo Messenger will not allow you to delete a group that has messenger contacts in it. For this reason, you will need to empty the group which you want to delete. Accomplish this dragging and dropping contacts from that group into another group.

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    Click on the title of the group which you want to click.

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    From the messenger’s menu bar, click ‘Contacts’ and then choose ‘Organize Messenger List’ from the Contacts drop-down menu.

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    You will be presented with a number of options to choose from. Click the option labelled ‘Delete Group.’ Within no time, the group will be permanently deleted and you will not see it in the messenger window the next time you login.

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