Interview Call Letter Email

Interview call letter email is usually written by an official of human resource department, mostly human resource manager, to an applicant who has applied for a job and has got his or resume shortlisted.

In the opening paragraph of the interview call letter email, you should mention the reason of writing the email to the applicant. Also include the time of interview and address of the office.

In the second paragraph, you should mention that why the applicant’s resume was shortlisted by the human resource department. You should mention that the qualification and relevant experience played a vital role in making the candidate shortlisted.

In the third paragraph, you should mention the details of the interview and required documents that applicant need to bring with him or her at the time of interview. Also add your contact number so that the applicant could call you if he needs any sort of guidance.


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    Sample of Interview Call Letter Email


    Dear Mr. James Anderson,

    With a close evaluation of your job application email for the position of quality assurance manager at Skyview Inc., I have shortlisted your resume among a pool of applications. I have also scheduled your interview with on May 19, Monday, at 3 pm at our regional office at royal street, Kentucky.

    I am quite satisfied with your elevated qualification and relevant work experience as you have been working in top organisations for the last 12 years. That is why; I want to meet you face to face ant this interview will help to both of us to have a productive interaction with each other.

    I want you to bring all of your educational documents and experience letter of previous organisation with you on the scheduled day of interview. Feel free to call me at 93473289 if you have any query.
    Best regards,

    Mr. Alvin Milano
    Human Resource Manager
    Skyview Inc.

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    Template of Interview Call Letter Email

    To: [Email address of the applicant]

    Dear [Name of the applicant],

    It is a pleasure for me to announce that your resume has been short listed for the position of [position’s name] at [company name]. You need to arrive at our office on [date, day and time]. The address of the office is [write address].

    [Interviewee name], I have thoroughly studied your resume and I am impressed with your achievements and work experience. This is the main reason that forced me to shortlist you for [position’s name].

    However, I would like you to bring all of your credentials including the documents of qualification and experience letter with you at the time of interview. If you want to ask any question then contact me at this number [write telephone number].

    Best regards,

    [Your name]
    [Company name]

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