Office Exchange Email

An office exchange email is generally written by an executive employee like CEO or COO to all employees working in that organisation. The major purpose of this email is to introduce new rules and regulations in office exchange emails in order to keep things under control.

In the starting paragraph, you should mention that new changes has been made to the communication process of office exchange emails and from now onwards, all employees will follow the new rules and regulations while sending emails, while using official email address, to anyone working in the organisation. Also mention the factors that forced to bring changes in the office exchange email process.

In the second paragraph, you should clearly mention the details of the changes that employees have to follow in any case whatsoever.

In the final paragraph, you should straightforwardly state that the new changes should be adopted immediately otherwise the employees will be responsible for that which can lead them to face alarming circumstances.


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    Sample of Office Exchange Email

    Subject: Change of Rules in Office Exchange Email

    Dear all,

    This is to inform you that we have made some changes in the rules of internal communication process i.e. known as office exchange email. Some people have been misusing their official email addresses and we found that we have lost some confidential data. Now we want all of you to follow the new rules and regulations relating to office exchange email.

    The most important point is that no employee will use his or her official email address for private emails. All official addresses should be used for internal communications. Besides that, all emails will be monitored strictly and while transferring the official documents, the sender will also send a carbon copy to his or her immediate supervisor.

    I hope that all of you will follow the new rules and regulations regarding the office exchange email. If anyone is found not obeying these rules, he or she will be facing alarming circumstance.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Allan Smith
    Martin Industries

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    Template of Office Exchange Email

    To: [Email address]
    Subject: Change of Rules in Office Exchange Email

    Dear [staff members/all/employees],

    After observing some bad things in the communication process, we have changed the rules and regulations for the office exchange email. All of you are required to follow the new rules and regulations for internal communication of [write company’s name].

    You are required to use your official email addresses for the official purpose and no one will use the official address for private purpose. All employees will send a carbon copy of all internal emails to their respective managers who will monitor each and everything in this regard.

    I am quite optimistic that all of you will follow new guidelines relating to the office exchange email. However, all those who will not follow these rules and regulations shall face the consequences of their act.

    Yours Sincerely,

    [Your name]
    [Company’s Name]

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