Direct Sales Email

To grow your business, you need to boost your sales. And good sales depend on how good you are in your relationship with the existing customers and prospective customers.

You might want to launch a new product or introduce an upgraded product, but unless and until you tell the customers personally that you have something great to offer, the desired results might not come.

Start the email with a powerful, attention-gripping headline. There is nothing better than a brief headline which tells the customer why they should choose you. Headlines can be slogans or a line praising your product, but be sure to make it as catchy as you can.

Use salutation. Since you are sending the email out to hundreds of prospects and existing customers, you can use Dear Reader(s).

Start the first paragraph of the email by introducing your company to the customers. Although it does not add value to your company image unless the readers get to know what benefits you are offering, it can remind them of how good you have been and that you are ready to serve them once again.

In the second paragraph, explain the features of your products. If it is a new product, explain the price, reliability and quality. Try to make your product sound different from that of your competitors.

To conclude the email, offer something to the readers. It can be anything from a small gift or free dinner at a food chain. If you can offer something for free, it works better.


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    Sample Direct Sales Email

    Get hassle-free service from Reeds Technologies

    Dear Reader,

    Reeds Technologies, which has been serving you for the last 10 years, is proud to offer to another great service. Reeds Technologies is offering a specially-designed vacuum cleaner at affordable rates. The delivery of the product is absolutely free, but only when you buy a certain quantity.

    You may be working at a factory or running your own business and keeping the place clean all the time is a hectic job. The vacuum cleaner, designed by Reeds Technologies, does the work automatically. The vacuum cleaner not only gives a better airflow, it can also pick objects like metal pin or a key.

    Feel free to talk to out representative or visit our website. For free delivery, send us a quick message via email or phone.

    Reeds Technologies,
    New York, NY 10023

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    Template of Direct Sales Email

    Dear (Reader/Customer),

    We at (put your company name here) would like to introduce you to our newly launched water cooler. The product, which has been on the market for the last two months, has attracted a large number of customers and people are loving this latest model, which boasts of a larger tank and a built-in filter.

    When you set up our cooler, you no longer have to worry about replenishing it because it can be connected to the water line, allowing you to get filtered water without any interruption.

    This cooler is available at competitive prices, as we have researched the market well before launching the product. You can read online reviews on the cooler if you are having concerns about the reliability of the product.

    Good news! The company has decided to provide free delivery, regardless of the quantity.

    (Sender name)
    (Company name)

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