Condolence Email to Sister

Condolence email to a sister is written to provide her moral support especially at a time when she is hurt because of the loss of some relationship, relative or dear one. This emails shows that you are with her at this time of difficulty.

In the first paragraph of this email, you should include the reason of writing this email to your sister. Express your grief over the bad incident that has hurt your sister deeply.

In this paragraph, you should write something about someone that your sister has lost, like the death of her husband or mother-in-law. Make sure you point out the good deeds of the deceased person.

In this final paragraph, you should make your sister realise that you are with her at this hard time. It will provide her moral support and she will feel better.


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    Sample of Condolence Email to Sister


    Dear Catherine,

    I got the sad and heartbreaking news of the death of your mother-in-law Mrs Maria Johns and my heart aches with this sad incident. I am writing this email to you so that you could express my deepest condolence to your father-in-law and husband as well.

    Miss Johns was a compassionate and nice lady and she was very kind to me as well. She has been very kind to all of us and you also had a close relation with her. We all will remember her and will pray that her soul may rest in peace.

    I am with you at this hard time but you have to be courageous and you should support your father-in-law and husband. If you want any kind of help, please let me know. May God help you and your husband and father-in-law to survive at this difficult time.

    Your loving brother

    John Snow

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    Template of Condolence Email to Sister

    To: [Your sister email address]

    Dear [Sister’s name],

    I am feeling very sad with the news that your mother-in-law [write name] has died and this is a huge loss for you, your husband and your father-in-law. I offer my condolence for you and the whole family of your husband.

    Your mother-in-law [write name] was really a nice lady and a good mother. We all will remember her in our prayers and May her soul rest in peace.

    [Write sister’s name], I am always with you at this difficult time and you have to show heart for supporting your dear ones around you.

    Your loving brother,

    [Write your name]

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