How to Set Up a New Business Email

Communication is an integral part of any organization and even today, email continues to play a major role in how we convey messages to each other, our superiors and inferiors all at the same time. Since emails are extremely efficient and fast, along with the ability to keep a record of them, there has not been any better method ever since.

For employers, the ability to keep conversations on record is one of the biggest benefits of setting up a business email of their own instead of using the more generic brands. Doing so is not as hard as you may think and can benefit you greatly in the end after a little work.


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    Check Out Your Hosting

    When you have a website for your company and it is being hosted by a web hosting company, most likely will have the option of having multiple email accounts that can be customized accordingly to your needs and wants. Explore their options and see whether they can fulfill your list of requirements and if not, you can always change the web hosting company that you are currently dealing with for one that can actually meet your needs.

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    Discuss Email Attachments

    Not only is having a business email account the start and end of the process but another important factor is dealing with which types of attachments employees will be able to add on to their emails like documents, PDFs and such others. This is a very important aspect which most IT professionals disregard and later on need to revamp the whole system just to make a few tweaks and changes, which is why this should be dealt with early on.

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    Set up Fax to Email

    Having a fax machine to receive any incoming documents is a necessity in any organization but with technology advancing to newer levels every single day, it is now possible to have fax documents directly sent as an email instead of having to handle a hard copy. Hard copies make it extremely difficult to handle and also result in a lot of paper wasted.

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    Use an Online Service

    Unlike before, online services such as Yahoo and Gmail are now offering the ability to use their servers but instead of having to use their brand name it is possible to customize it according to your needs. This obviously is not free like their regular service but can be extremely reliable which is very important when it comes to dealing with company emails.

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