Application Decline Email

Individuals working in the hiring team of a company often find themselves in need of writing emails to candidates who apply for a post from time to time. The purpose of such emails is to keep the candidates informed about the status of the job applications.

The task of writing an email to inform a candidate about a declined job application is very easy and does not take too long. Start the email by informing the candidate that the job application has been declined. Then write the reason for which the application was declined and finally conclude the email.


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    Sample of Application Decline Email


    Subject: Job application declined

    Dear Mr. Parker,

    This email is pertaining to the job application which we received for the post of IT analyst on May 1, 2013. On behalf of ABC Enterprises, I regret to inform you that your application was declined by our hiring team.

    There were a number of different factors which contributed towards this decision. Primarily, we received a number of resumes from other candidates who were more eligible for the post of IT analyst. Furthermore, your expected monthly salary was more than the budget estimated by our Accounts Department for this post.

    However, the hiring panel at ABC Enterprises does appreciate your interest to work with the company. For this reason, we will consider as a candidate for other job opportunities related to your field of expertise that may open in future.

    We wish you the best of luck in your search for a good employment.


    Kimberley Jones

    Human Resource Manager

    ABC Enterprises

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    Template of Application Decline Email

    To: [Recipient’s email]

    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Last name with title],

    I am writing this email on behalf of [Name of the company]. We had received a job application from you for the post of [Designation] on [Date]. I am sorry to inform you that our hiring panel declined your application after due consideration.

    The primary cause of your application being declined was that the work experience you mentioned in your resume does not meet the requirements for the post of [Designation].

    I can assure you that the hiring panel at [Name of the company] would reconsider you as a possible candidate in case a more suitable job designation comes up in the future.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours in terms of looking for employment.


    [Your name]

    [Your designation]

    [Name of the company]

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