Apology Marketing Email

An apology marketing email is sent to the client after you realised that major blunders have been made in running his/her marketing campaign that did not truly support your client’s products. The purpose of this email is to let your client know that you have accepted your mistakes and will make efforts to compensate him/her for the mistakes.

In the first paragraph of the email, you must clearly tell your customer that you are deeply sorry and regret the fact that you were unable to run his/her marketing campaign as you claimed.

In the second paragraph of the email, you must proceed forward and confess your mistake by explaining to him/her what has really happened. You should tell the client that there were some unwanted confusions that you failed to handle in time and it had a direct impact on his/her marketing campaign.

In the third paragraph of the email, you must explain to him/her how you are willing to compensate for the mistakes that you have made. Not to mention that you must show your keenness to continue business with him/her.


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    Sample of Apology Marketing Email

    To: julia@gmail.com

    Subject: Apology Marketing Email

    Dear Julia,

    I am disheartened to tell you that we were unable to run your product’s marketing campaign as planned as the mistakes were made from our end. We take the full responsibility for the errors and flaws in your marketing campaign.

    It was unfortunate for us that we could not manage the campaign effectively and due to some uncertain events at our end, it was badly affected.

    We realise that accepting our mistake is not going to do much good, so we would be more than happy to compensate you for that. To ensure long term relationship and continued business activities, we would like to extend the duration of your marketing campaign.

    Yours sincerely,

    Martha David
    Marketing Manager
    ABC Marketing Agency

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    Template of Apology Marketing Email

    To: [email address of the person]

    Subject: Apology Marketing Email

    Dear [name of the person],

    I am [your name], the marketing manager of [name of the firm]. We regret to inform you that due to some mistakes at our end, the marketing campaign for your [name of the product] was severely affected.

    Some uncertain events have caused these errors and this ultimately affected your campaign.

    We would like to take the full responsibility of this and we will try to compensate you for this by giving you extra services free of cost.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name]
    [Other necessary details]

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