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Holidays take place in every country now and again and it is important that the employees are told about them ahead of time to avoid any confusion at the last minute.

The best and most efficient way to go about it is to send an email and let the employees know when and why the holiday will be taking place. It is important that everybody gets this email early so that they can organise or plan their work-load accordingly.

Start of the first paragraph with the information that the office will remain closed on the given date due to whichever special day.

In the second paragraph, let them know about the importance of the event and its significance. If it is a public holiday, do make a mention of that as well.

In the last paragraph, let them know about how the regular dealings for that particular day will be handled and if there is a need to work in advance for the day off. Wish them well for the day off.


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    Sample of Office Holiday Email

    Dear All,

    This email is to let you know that the offices will be closed on January 15th for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

    The day is important in US history as it marks the birth of one of the foremost African American leaders who did much for improving the rights of many. It is a mark of our respect to this great leader for his deeds that have made a difference in many lives.

    Please make sure that you clear your work till the 14th of January and yjsy nothing is left pending. Your weekly assignments, as always will be given to you on the last working day of the preceding week. Enjoy the day off.


    John Steele
    HR Supervisor

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    Template of Office Holiday Email

    Dear All,

    The office will remain closed on [date] for the [reason for closure of the office] celebrations.

    The day is an important one in [country’s name] history as it heralds the [event]. We respect the traditions of [name of country] and therefore have decided to announce an office holiday to mark the event.

    Be sure to finish all your tasks by [date] for that week. If there are any queries in this regard, please discuss them with your department supervisors. Have a good time away and enjoy you day off.


    [Name of Sender]

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