How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts with GMX

If you have multiple email accounts and you need a platform where you can access all of them, then GMX is the perfect choice. GMX is an extremely powerful and advanced software application. It has the ability to form a connection with your personal email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo and MSN. The GMX user can send and receive emails from any of his email accounts, saving time. It is a free email service that can be used through any computer that has an internet connection. Inbox, spam folder, drafts and spam emails are some features offered by GMX mail.


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    One of the main advantages offered by GMX mail service is that the user can access his email from his other email accounts. You do not have to be a registered user to use this service. Consider signing up for the mail collector function to perform this task effectively and efficiently. Accessing GMX mailbox is very simple and quick once the sign in process is complete.

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    Before doing anything else you will need to make sure that you have some basic computer skills. You will also be required to create a free email account with GMX if you have not signed up for free email accounts with other services such as Google, AOL, Yahoo and Outlook.

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    After signing up for a free email account, consider navigating to the GMX’s website. Find the box labelled as Email Address in the bottom right hand of the screen. Enter your email address into the box and you will be assigned a user name based on the information provided when you signed up for free GMX email account. All email address at GMX end with unless you specified to choose a different email address such as or Take your time when providing personal details including your full name, permanent home address and mobile number.

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    Next, write your password in the bar labelled as Password and then click the login button that can be found right under the password box. For reading email messages, click the inbox button. Sent items can be viewed by clicking the Sent button. Similarly you can view messages in the Spam, Trash and Drafts folders by clicking the appropriate button.

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    To view emails messages in any other email accounts, click the Mail collector featured and link your email account to your GMX mail account. This is a very useful and convenient feature that can definitely save you some time.

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