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What if you have submitted the monthly fee of your child on timely basis and you still got a notice from the school that your dues are pending? There might be many such issues when you feel the need to register a complain to your child’s school. You can simply write an email to the principal of the school for this purpose.

You can start the opening paragraph of your email by introducing yourself to the principal. Tell the recipient who your are and how many of your children are studying at the school.

Next paragraph shall explain the purpose of your email. Explain the actual problem you are having and which has compelled to contact the principal directly. Don’t just put forward your problem but also present a possible solution so that the recipient may act promptly.

Conclude your email by thanking the principal and requesting to resolve your issue on urgent basis.


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    Sample of Complaint Email to School


    Dear Mr. Peter Parker

    I am a super store owner and have three children admitted to your school. I have been very satisfied with the working services your institution has been providing for the last so many years but recently a problem has caused disturbance to me and my children.

    I have been submitting the monthly fee of all my children on timely basis in the past and have done the same earlier this month. However, today I have received a notice from your accounts department that my children's tuition fees for the month is still pending and a surcharge has been applied on the principle amount. I have the receipts of the payments I made to your accounts department and it seems a huge mistake on the accountant's part that he hasn't recorded my payment.

    I request you to ask your accounts department to recheck its records and clear the surcharge levied on the amount. The copies of those payment receipts has been attached to this email.


    Thomas Green

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    Template of Complaint Email to School

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Dear Mr./Mrs [name of the recipient]

    I am a local businessman in town and my child [name and grade of the child] studies at your institution. An unfortunate event occurred at your school yesterday which has prompted me to register my complain to you.

    Two of the notorious children [name and grades of the children] harassed my child at school and then beat him up. My child has been bruised at the forehead and elbows as the result of that fight. It is such an unfortunate event to happen in an educational institution and I request you to take strict action against those senior students.

    I hope you will look into this matter in a positive manner and such thing never happens to any child at school.


    [your name]
    [your phone number]

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