Cancer Sympathy Email

Cancer is one of the most ruthless diseases and the person who suffers from it needs a lot of moral support. So if you are looking to write a sympathy email to a cancer patient, you should express your deepest compassion for him/her which will surely help him/her in recovering soon.

Start your email by expressing your compassion towards the patient. Then, write about some good time which you might have spent with him/her in the past so that you can make him/her feel good. After that, give him/her hope that he/she will soon recover from the disease. You can end your email on a sympathetic note.


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    Sample of Cancer Sympathy Email


    Subject: Cancer Sympathy

    Dear Jack,

    I have just heard the sad news that you are suffering from an initial stage of lungs cancer. I am writing this email to convey my intimate sympathies for you.

    Please accept my apologies as I could not contact you earlier. I was on my training during the last month because of which I could not stay in touch with you or your family member. The medical science has made some remarkable progress in the last few years and the diseases which were difficult to cure in the past can be treated well now. Moreover, the hospital in which you are staying is one of the best hospitals in the whole county. So, you will hopefully get well soon.

    I insist you to follow all the instructions of the doctor in order to get well soon as you have been quite lazy in taking care of yourself in the past. We are all praying for your health and remembering the good time we spend together at Teddy’s cafe.

    Take good care of yourself and be happy. Do let me know if I can do anything for you.

    With deepest sympathies,

    John Smith

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    Template of Cancer Sympathy Email

    To: [Recipient’s email]

    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Recipient’s name],

    I have received the tragic news that you are suffering from lungs cancer. I am writing to you to express my compassion for you in these hard times.

    I would like to say sorry that I could not write to you earlier. Actually, I was out of the town for few days and was completely out of touch from you and your family. You are staying in one of the best hospitals in the state where you will receive the kindest treatment from the doctors and nurses. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about anything as medical science has made tremendous progress in the recent years regarding the treatment of cancer. Just take all the medicines on time and stay cool.

    We all miss you during the coffee time at Teddy’s cafe, so get well soon and join us as we have a lot of things to tell. Just keep yourself away from the tensions and think about good things. In this way, you will recover quickly.

    Please let me know if you need any kind of help from me.

    Deepest sympathies from my side,

    [Your Name]

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