Apology Email to Husband

If you have done something that has hurt the feelings of your husband or is damaging your marriage, then the best thing to do is to sort out this issue by taking an initiative and apologizing to him. Accepting your mistake and taking responsibility for it will not make you little, but will actually show your husband just how much you value him and your relation. If facing him directly is tough for you, sending him an email is a perfect alternative.

Let him know in the first paragraph that you are really sorry for hurting his feelings and that you could have handled the situation in a better way. In the second paragraph, give him an explanation to help him understand your actions and the mindset behind it. In the final paragraph, assure your husband that these silly actions will not be repeated and that your main priority is to maintain harmony in your mutual relationship.


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    Sample of an Apology Email to Husband

    To: michaelslater@live.com

    Dear Michael,

    I am so sorry for being rude to you and embarrassing you in front of your office colleagues at the party yesterday sweetie. I feel so dreadful right now. I am so sorry for being so stupid.

    I have been under a great deal of stress lately. Stanley got in a fight at school yesterday. The school principal told me that he has been getting in a lot of fights lately. Katie is being bullied by her class-mates because of her new haircut. I am so worried about our children. I do not know why they are having such a tough time at school. I feel that maybe I have failed to be a good mother. Neither Stanley nor Katie shared anything with me.

    When I went to the party with you yesterday, one of the ladies there started talking about how much her children love her and that made me even more depressed and edgy. That is why I lost my temper when you took the glass of wine from my hand. I needed it to ease my pain.

    I am so sorry for losing my temper. I am so sorry for not being myself lately. I am going through so much. I know I embarrassed you in front of your colleagues. I wish I had not done that. I wish I had kept my mouth shut. You took that glass of wine from my hand because you care for me and are aware of how dangerous alcohol is for me at the moment.

    Please forgive me, my love. I ask you to forgive me this once and give me a chance to make it up to you, which I promise I will.

    Your loving wife,


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    Template of an Apology Email to Husband

    [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Dear [Name],

    I have no words to express just how sorry I am for ruining your Kobe Bryant jersey. I know you asked me to be careful while handling it, but it just slipped my mind and I accidentally put it inside the washing machine with my red blouse.

    I have not been feeling very good since falling from the stairs last week. The doctor said the pain would go away in a couple of days, but it is still very much there. Due to the pain, I find it extremely hard to concentrate on things. Maybe that is why I forgot what you said about your Kobe Bryant jersey.

    I am so sorry baby. I know how much you value that jersey and I remember how much trouble you had to go through in order to get that jersey signed by him. I promise I will do everything I possibly can to make it up to you.

    Yours truly,

    [Sender’s Name]
    [Sender’s Email Address]

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