Arnos Grove Tube Station London

Arnos Grove Tube Station is situated in Arnos Grove which is quiet closer to Arnos Park, London. Under the authority of Enfield, this rapid transit was built on the Piccadilly Line form Bounds Green till the Southgate. The station was initiated on the 19th of September 1932, and due to its location it was named as Arnos Grove Tube Station. Along with 4 fare zones the transit has 4 numbers of platforms as well, which are facing the 3 tracks. Approximately after 5 months inauguration ceremony, the line of the tube station was extended to Enfield West. Besides providing the facility of transport, there are various other amenities and conveniences near the station which can make your life much easier. Places to explore near Arnos Grove Tube Station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    If you are planning to have a nice lunch before you take a tube and head towards your destination, or before entering into your office which is near by the Arnos Grove transit station, you intend to take a warm cup of coffee, in order to make a fresh start then do check the nearby restaurant and coffee shops list given below:


    The Arnos Arms
    Curry Garden
    D Communications
    Arnos Cafe
    The Cafe

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    Clubs and Bars

    After a tiring day at office or you are trying to plan out a fun Friday night with friend, what can be a perfect place then a bar or a club. If you have recently shifted near Arnos Tube Station and looking for a perfect venue to party then the list of clubs and bars unveiled below will help you in having a thrilled night.

    The Mariner Fish Bar
    Complenets Dog Inn
    A1 Reliable Discos & Karaoke
    The Grill Bar
    Ye Old Cherry Tree

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    For an official work or any other project you are looking for an accommodation near the tube station then do not get apprehensive, because there are several nearby places that will provide you a perfect facility of lodging.

    Travelodge Hotel - London Southgate
    Bay Tree House B&B
    Sterling Tours
    Ye Old Cherry Tree
    Mina Holidays Ltd

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    Sites and Attractions

    In the Vicinity to the transit stations there are few parks which have turned into the attraction of the Arons Grove, due to the peaceful and lovely atmosphere present there.

    Broomfield Park
    Bowes Park & Scout Park

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    Schools & Colleges

    Education has always been a prior need and still it is. What if the institute of your child is very much closer to your work place, so that you can easily attend all the relevant function, which you have been missing due to late arrivals.  Do check few names of educational institutes mentioned below, so that your children can enjoy the glee of your presence when they need you.

    Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School
    Bowes Primary School
    Garfield Primary School
    Southgate College
    Walker Primary School
    Chemistry Tutor

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    Gift Shops and Book Shops

    Usually when people are in an urge to reach at some place where a friend is waiting or a party is held, due to haphazardness they forget to buy a gesture of social cohesion. But if a nice gift or book shop is near then you will definitely find a way out of the hassle.

    Tartan & Zebra
    Pinx Fashion Store
    Style Art Specialist Distribution
    Marathi Audio Books

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    Beauty and Health Services

    Beauty and health is yet another essential requirement of life, if your physical appearance is perfect you can easily boost up your confidence. Condition  your residency or your office is near the Arnos Tube Station and you wish to get an admission in a fitness center or want to attain a high quality service from a spa, then do check the health and beauty service providers alluded as follow:

    Beauty Secrets
    Esporta Health Club and Gym Friern Barnet
    North London Epilation Clinic
    Haus Of Vanity
    New Tra
    Pumping Iron Gym
    North London Fitness

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    Emergency Services

    Everyone would prefer that the availability of emergency service is closer to their home, so that in case of a high alert situation it takes next to no time for the rescue team to reach at your door step.

    Friern Barnet Ambulance Station

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    Along with other daily requirements of life one aspect can never be ignored and that is health. Only if you are healthy and physically fit then you can wish for rest of the requirement. The presence of a hospital or a clinic near home is very important.

    Bowes Road Clinic
    Perfect Teeth
    Holly Park Clinic
    Westmount Services Ltd
    Bowes Road Dental Practice
    Grove Dental Care

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    Shopping Malls

    There are various shopping marts, mall and super markets near the Arnos Grove tube station, you can avail the facility of shopping from few mentioned in the list below:

    Friern Bridge retail park
    D's Mini-Mart
    Veggie Mart
    Bounds Green Supermarket
    Sainsbury's Local
    Marks & Spencer Simply Food
    Nappy Express Ltd

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    Child Care Centers

    Usually single parent or working parents find it very difficult to maintain their career life and personal life balanced. The only reason is that they are unable to take care of their child. Many day care centers are formed so that they can provide a reliable and protective service to your children.

    Teddies Nurseries New Southgate
    Highview Community Playgroup
    Mama Bear Babies We Care
    Bright Child Childcare
    Asquith Nurseries Ltd

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