Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in London

Every year when valentine’s day is about to come, reservations for restaurants, hotels and bars start increasing. While most people are making plans for dinner dates, often it is quite difficult and confusing to decide on an appropriate restaurant on this special day. Everyone wishes to do something exciting for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day and you would surely want to choose a restaurant with a romantic environment. For Londoners who are planning to make this occasion a memorable one by visiting a splendid restaurant this Valentine’s, here is a list.


  • 1

    Odette's Restaurant is one of London’s most famous establishments and has been serving customers since 1978. Dinner and lunch is served from Mon-Sun and special arrangements are made on Valentine's Day.

    Odette's Restaurant
  • 2

    Little Bay – Farringdon offers 50% off on a-la-carte food at any time. Those who are interested must take a look at the menu and contact them for reservations.

    Little Bay – Farringdon
  • 3

    Cantina Vinopolis offers fresh food and beverages in an amazing atmosphere. One must try out this venue to get a feel for it.


    Cantina Vinopolis
  • 4

    Clos Maggiore is for people who have passion for food and wine. Given the high quality of food here, you will have no regrets selecting this restaurant for a Valentine dinner or lunch. Clos Maggiore’s goal is to shower all customers with warm hospitality so they have an experience to remember.

    Clos Maggiore
  • 5

    Pizza Express Restaurant is famous for its delicious pizza varieties. The unique part of this restaurant is that it has a kitchen in the heart of the restaurant, which can be viewed by the customers so that they can see how their meals are actually made.


    Pizza Express Restaurant
  • 6

    Mango Tree is a Thai restaurant and has become the flagship of Thai restaurants in Europe.


    Mango Tree
  • 7

    Roux at the Landau Restaurant is considered one of the most famous restaurants of London. They also have special offers for Valentine's Day and a dinner for two here is worth every penny.

    Roux at the Landau Restaurant
  • 8

    Bea's of Bloomsbury Cakes offer some of the best quality food in a tremendous environment. They are committed to their customers and deliver superior quality.

    Bea's of Bloomsbury Cakes
  • 9

    Dans Le Noir offers its customers a chance to get involved in the live and unbelievable experience of having appetizing and scrumptious meals in the dark.

    Dans Le Noir
  • 10

    The Square was honored with the Restaurant of the Year award in 2011. They also work to fight for hunger by donating breakfast. You should visit these guys if you are looking for great deal on special events, including Valentine's Day.

    The Square

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