Asmara Restaurant Brixton London

Asmara Restaurant is a small eating place halfway down the Coldharbour Lane near Brixton tube station, London. This small restaurant offers home-cooked North African food in an informal and lively atmosphere. The mouth-watering scent of spicy Eritrean food will capture your senses immediately as you enter into this restaurant. The menu includes spicy items like stews and much more plus they also serve vegetable dishes, which one can have either with rice or traditional enjera. As far as the specialities of this venue are concerned spiced lamb curry with diced enjera and zigni fitfit are the two top of the line dishes that had forced people to come again and again to this fine eatery. Aside from the regular food menu there is also a drink carte du jour that has usual soft drinks, European bears and petite selection of wine too. So if you are looking to taste some spicy food in a casual environment then Asmara is the place, where you should be heading.

Contact: +44 20 7737 4144


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    Products & Services

    Dine in option for Early Evening and Dinner

    -Eritrean Dishes
    -Vegetarian Dishes

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    Operational Hours

    Asmara Restaurant in London opens daily, seven days a week and the operational hours of this Eritrean bistro are from 17:30 to 00:30.

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    386 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton London, SE14 5HD, United Kingdom

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    How to Get to Asmara Restaurant

    By Tube

    Tube is a viable option to reach near Asmara Restaurant, as the nearest tube station, Brixton is 0.2 miles away from this eating place. Patrons can get here from Brixton tube station on foot in about 3 minutes. The commuter should take the south course onto Brixton Road/A23 towards Electric Ave and turn left onto Electric Avenue. Then from Electric Avenue, turn right onto Electric Lane and turn left onto Coldharbour Lanw/A2217, the bistro will be on the left. For compelete understanding see the walking directions to Asmara Restaurant from Brixton tube station.

    By Bus

    Electric Lane (Stop J) is the nearest bus stop to the Asmara Restaurant in London. The distance between this bus stop and Asmara Restaurant is nearly 89 ft and guests can easily cover this distance on foot by heading east on Coldharbour Lane/A2217 towards Rushcroft Road and roughly after 19 seconds walk they will find the destination in front of them.

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