Authorization Letter to Debit Account

In many of your financial matters, you may need to authorise the other party to debit some amount automatically from your account. This practice reduces your effort as you do not need to go to your bank for every transaction rather your counterpart goes to your branch for withdrawal of funds.

For this purpose, you will need to write an authorisation letter to debit account and addressee will be manager of the branch.  Your letter should be brief but make sure that it is carrying complete information of your account, amount and the person/party who you are authorising to debit the funds.

Learn how to write an authorization letter to debit account by scrolling down and going through the sample and template of the letter.

Tips to Write Authorization Letter to Debit Account

  • Maintain a formal and professional tone
  • Be concise



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    Sample of Authorisation Letter to Debit Account:


    Clark Gable,
    56 Main Boulevard,
    Palm Enclave,
    Nottingham – 768135

    April 15, 2012.


    Andrew Stephen,
    Bank of Credit and Commerce,
    Main Boulevard Branch,
    Nottingham – 768154,

    Dear Mr. Stephen,

    I, the student of Royal School of Media Studies, maintain a saving account number 2675189 with your branch. I have given permission to my institute to collect my semester fee or any other dues by me from the above mentioned bank account of Bank of Credit and Commerce.

    I request and authorise you to pay the amount demanded by Royal School of Media Studies from my saving bank account number 2675189. I give you full assurance to maintain sufficient amount in this account to pay my dues.

    This is an immutable authority given by me to my institute until the completion of my course. You will be informed in case of any modification in the payment plan.

    Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Clark Gable.

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    Template of Authorisation Letter to Debit Account:


    [Your Name]
    [Your Address]
    [City and Postal code]



    [Receiver’s Name]
    [Bank’s Name]
    [Branch Name]
    [Branch’s Address]

    [Dear Mr. / Mrs. (last name of your recipient)]

    This is to inform you that I maintain an account number [your account number] with your branch. I have authorised [beneficiary’s name] to withdraw funds from my above mentioned account of [bank’s name].

    Kindly take this letter as a permit for you to pay [put your amount] to [beneficiary’s name]. I assure you that a sufficient amount will be maintained in my bank account.

    This is an irrevocable authority given by me to [beneficiary’s name] until [validity of this permission letter].

    Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    [Your Name.]

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