Salary Negotiation Letter

There is nothing wrong with negotiating regarding an offer and putting forth your own point of view. For instance, if you’ve been offered a job, and you would like changes in the terms and conditions, like your salary, you will need to negotiate with the employer, or the hiring authority.

Here we will show you how to write a negotiation letter for salary, along with providing a helpful sample and a template for your reference.

Tips for Writing a Negotiation Letter for Salary

  • Do your homework before writing the letter
  • Begin by stating the purpose behind your letter
  • Be polite and professional throughout
  • Suggest your preferred changes to the proposed terms
  • Keep your proposals open to changes as well
  • Sign the letter in the end
  • Negotiation Letter for Salary Sample


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    Sample of a Negotiation Letter for Salary


    Hart Brett
    HR Manager
    Klozer Co.
    391 Twin Towers


    Bronson Tarn
    1109 Holbot Avenue

    Dear Mr. Hart,

    I am thrilled to have received your offer letter after interviewing for the position of Assistant Marketing Manager at Klozer Co. While I am excited to start as soon as possible, unfortunately there are a few concerns regarding the terms of your offer.

    Your offer of $3,000 per month, generous as it is, is below what I am currently drawing from Seefar Co. As you can understand, leaving my current position for the same amount of salary would not be practical for me.

    If you could make me a better offer, I would be more than willing to reconsider since Klozer has been one of the companies I look up to.

    Kindly let me know how you wish to progress.


    Bronson Tarn

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    Template of a Negotiation Letter for Salary


    (Recipient’s name)
    (Recipient’s designation)
    (Company’s name)
    (Company’s address)


    (Your name)
    (Your address)

    Dear Mr./Ms. (Recipient’s name),

    I would like to thank you for offering me the position of (Position title) at (Company’s name). While I am truly excited and can’t wait to join, unfortunately the terms of your offer are not entirely suitable for me.

    The salary being offered ($ Salary offered) by your organization is generous, but less than what (I am currently drawing/I was expecting). Given my expenditures, it would not be feasible for me to accept the offered terms as it is.

    If possible for you, kindly review the salary you are offering and perhaps make a higher offer. I would also understand if you don’t agree with my concern and wish you all the best in either case.

    Looking forward to a positive response from you,


    (Your name)

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