How to Avoid a Breakup with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Once a relationship hits the rocks, couples often consider breaking up, which might appear an easy way out at first but can actually be very hard for both husband & wife or girlfriend & boyfriend. If you are in a serious long term relationship which holds meaning for you, you should consider salvaging it before you say goodbye forever. Keep reading this article for tips on how to avoid a breakup and save your long term relationship, thing to avoid and mistakes that you should never make because it is never too late.


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    Take responsibility

    The first step towards mending a breaking relationship is to take responsibility for your actions. Too many people are caught up in blaming others for certain failures, and even if your partner is at fault, it is not likely that you are entirely blameless. If you take responsibility and own up to your own mistakes, it might be the thing your partner wanted in the first place.

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    Remember the good times

    Before both of you actually breakup, you should take some time to think about the reasons you got together in the first place. It might be that you liked something particular in your partner or had a really nice time together. Remembering the good times will show both of you how important you are for each other’s happiness and encourage a positive behavior rather than quitting on the relationship.

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    Make your feelings known

    You need to take the initiative and point out the good things in your partner. You need to make your feelings known and tell your partner how much he/she means to you. While you might be angry or upset with the recent issues in your relationship, put them aside for a while and put some effort into making your partner realize how much you feel for him/her.

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    Listen to your partner

    Once you are done with saying the things you want to say, you also need to lend an ear to your partner’s complaints or issues. He/she might have certain problems with your behavior or attitude and most likely feel frustrated about something. You need to help them let it all out and give you an honest opinion about the issues they face. Not only will this help your partner calm down, but will also give you pointers regarding the things you need to work on

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    Respect your partner’s opinions

    This is the phase where you can either salvage your relationship or let it break down. Once your partner tells you about his/her issues or concerns, you need to give him/her due respect. Do not mock or ridicule your partner or act like his/her concerns are unreasonable. Treat him/her like you would like to be treated yourself so that the two of you can sort out your differences in a civil manner. This can definitely test your patience, but is the only way to save a breaking relationship if it means something to you.

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