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The London River Services is known to be the part of Transport for London that performs various task like issuance of licences to passenger transport and controls all the piers and quays on the river Thames. One of the most prominent piers under their supervision is Bankside Pier. The quay is located on the west of Southwark Bridge, directly in front of Tate Modern. With two regular services, the commuter service and Tate-to-Tate service, the pier serves both normal transport and tours. The Commuter Service uses standard traveler boats to connect Greenwich, the Docklands and City of London with centre of London, while Tate-to-Tate service runs between Tate Modern and Tate Britain. The Pier has a ticket office, internet, covered shelter, electronic departure boards, step free access and a waiting room.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops near Bankside Pier:

    Bankside district of London often plays host to a sizeable number of tourists on daily basis. Therefore, many business entities have established their restaurant and coffee shops near Bankside pier to provide delicious meals and hot coffee.

    Swan at the Globe & Shakespeare's Globe Restaurant

    Coffee Shops
    Tate Modern, Starbucks Coffee Co & Zorita's Kitchen

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    Clubs & Bars near Bankside Pier:

    Since Elizabethan period, the beauty of the nightlife has been serving as the major force of attraction for the tourists. With increasing numbers of clubs, bars, theaters and playhouses, Bankside district fulfills the aspiration of entertainment lovers.

    Night Clubs
    Arcadia & Little Ship Club

    Anchor Bankside, Founders Arms & The Samuel Pepys

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    Hotels & Accommodation near Bankside Pier:

    Bankside is a popular area in the London borough of Southwark, which is extremely eminent for its bear baiting pits and playhouses. A large number of tourists visit this location to enjoy entertaining nights in the Rose, the Hope and other theaters. Many of these tourists used to stay in hotel or guest houses that are working in this area.

    Bankside & Premier Inn London Southwark

    Guest Houses
    Steves Bed & Breakfast

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    Sights and Attractions near Bankside Pier:

    If you are near Bankside pier, you can take advantage of many such locations that can make your time entertaining. Certain tourist attractions and sights increase the value of Bankside Pier, which is itself a worthy to see sight.

    The Golden Hinde, The London Bridge Experience & George Inn

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    Educational Institutes near Bankside Pier:

    Bankside district is a historically rich area with the educational institutions. Besides some of the oldest colleges and schools of London, it plays host to many modern and newly established educational institutions. Fortunately, many operates near Bankside Pier.

    The City Of London School

    London College of Advanced Studies & London College of Information Technology

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    Gift & Bookshops near Bankside Pier:

    When people visit Bankside area to enjoy its versatility that is ranging from entertainment spots to educational institutions, they often think to take something unique for their beloved ones. If you are one of these people, you can easily avail the services of the gift shops nearby. Luckily, you can also find voluminous books by famous authors.

    Gift Shops
    Tate Modern & Joy

    Book Shops
    WHSmith & Guildhall Library

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    Health & Beauty Services near Bankside Pier:

    A place is always considered valuable if it provides its residence all necessary facilities including health and fitness services. Many gyms, beauty salons and spa business are working near Bankside Pier.

    Bankside Health Club & Nuffield Health Fitness

    Beauty Salon
    Chequers Beauty Salons Ltd, Neal's Yard Remedies & The Tanning Shop

    Body Silk Aesthetic Clinic

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    Emergency Services near Bankside Pier:

    Due to its important location in the Bankside district, just outside the City of London, Bankside Pier has easy approach to emergency services. Emergencies always knocks at door without any prior notice, therefore it is important to have knowledge of the nearest helping hand.

    Fire brigade
    London Fire Brigade, Dowgate Fire Station & Southwark Fire Station

    City Of London Police & Snow Hill Police Station

    London Ambulance Service, Smithfield Ambulance Station & Waterloo Ambulance Station

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    Hospitals & clinics near Bankside Pier:

    Considering it the important factor of every community, the administration of the Bankside district operates many hospitals near Bankside Pier. Besides hospitals, there are many private clinics in this area.


    London Bridge Hospital


    Optical Express, Fleet Street Medical Centre & the Fleet Street Clinic

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    Shopping Malls near Bankside Pier:

    Bankside Pier has a unique location, which besides many other facilities also has easy access to such places from where the travelers and residents can buy almost all kinds of household items. Large number of buildings serve as shopping malls in the vicinity.

    Hay's Galleria, Gabriel's Wharf, Quidco.

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    Childcare Centers near Bankside Pier

    Working parents always give priority to an area which has childcare or day care centres. Their basic intention behind this motive is to stay in ease while they are in office. Bankside Pier sorrounds by good quality and renowned day care centres.

    Coin Street conference centre & Bermondsey Community Nursery

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