List of Best Places for Nights out In London

London city is undoubtedly one of the world’s largest cities that always have a lot to offer to its citizen and visitors. From super clubs to intimate venues, London has a great range of night spots. Whether you are after a hardcore night out or something more laid back you will find it in this gorgeous city.

Make the most out of the city with the best attraction in the heart of London. We are providing you with a list of places which you can always visit once you are in London. They cover restaurants, hotels, pubs, clubs and even dance parties. Simply go through this list and you will not be disappointed once you visit these places while you are trying to enjoy your night life in the capital city of England.


  • 1

    Fabric 591 Ltd, is a popular night club with resident and guest DJs playing Drum n Base, Hip hop, Dubstep, Funk and House Music. They have a licensed bar but do not serve food.

    Fabric 591 Ltd Logo
  • 2

    FClub, a place for private parties round the calendar, where attractive and liberated people can enjoy each other’s company and if desired either sensual or sexual experiences.

    FClub Logo
  • 3

    Notting Hill Arts Club, hosts wide range of events, with inspiration information on Friday. Place for monthly gigs on Thursday and Friday. Place that can be a bar or club simultaneously.

    Notting Hill Arts Club logo
  • 4

    Camden, Bustling cluster of shops and market stalls selling everything. It’s at night that the place really comes alive with the main focus firmly on historic atmosphere.

    Camden logo
  • 5

    Volupte, lies beneath the streets of London, the capital’s legal and financial heartland, this basement bar serves up some of the best burlesque in town.

    Volupte Bar logo
  • 6

    Club Aquarium, a club where you strip down to swimsuits, with a pool and a Jacuzzi, and the music from late 70’s and 80’s.

    Club Aquarium logo
  • 7

    Heaven Club, compose of three floors, with a bombastic sound system, some crazy light shows in the main hall. Heaven is a place for real party experience.

    Heaven Club Logo
  • 8

    Shoreditch, worth spending time in a place to eat and drink from a traditional Britain pub, cocktail bars and gastro eateries to restaurants serving the best food from around the world.

    Shoreditch logo
  • 9

    Babble, blending the comfort of the lounge scene with the sophistication of a cocktail bar, babble creates a perfect atmosphere for drinking and dancing.

    Babble Logo
  • 10

    Shadow Lounge, is London city premier gay members club with a reputation for attracting celebrities and high profile clientele.

    Shadow Lounge Logo

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