Basic Steps to Writing A Song

Music is emotive as well as it is technical. It is seems easy for one to take a pen and write a few lines, add a tune and just like -you’ve got a song! But the ability to actually strings those words together does not come easily to everyone.
Some people want to write a song that will be their ticket to the world of fame. For others, it is a piece of themselves they are trying to express to the world. Song writing can be challenging but if you are passionate about this, it does not seem like one of the most difficult things to do and one has to be patient. To achieve this, here are these few steps to help.


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    Learn The Style of the Music Greats

    Every music today has a category, or a genre to which there are musicians that has created a path for others who share the same likeness can enjoy too. As a musician one has to be versatile, but should have one main genre that is pre dominant than the others. Your duty here is to know which genre you like, and whether you can produce songs from that. One is to practice and study these genres, listen to musicians that sing in this genre and practice their tones and then try to work on that genre in your own unique way.

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    Music is all about a story, of what you’ve been through, how you want people to feel, what you want people to know, it could be an experience that changed you and you wanted to sing a song about that.

    Write it out, let each word reveal a story, leading to something much more interesting, like the climax (chorus). The part where people want to get to quickly in a song, in a novel etc. Make that with your song. Let it send a message.

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    The next area is to structure the song, one can’t sing the song if it is structured in a novel format or a newspaper format. Check out for examples of how lyrics to a song are being written, then flow with your song and write according to how you would sing.

    Start with which area you want to let people know about the story and then write towards the climax, with the climax being the chorus and then semi ending the story(the bridge), then end it with a hook or end it plainly.

    By now in structuring the song you already have a tune in mind, so whilst structuring it, you can arrange the song according to the tune you have in your head. Some people have a tune first then a structure, others have the structure, then the  tune, some others whilst structuring have the tune alongside.

    So it should go as: Verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, chorus marking the end or leading to the end. Some chorus start from the beginning and end with a chorus or hook. It’s a mixture, depends on where you flow to.

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    Use the Support of an Instrument

    To enable you get the right tunes and to help enhance your song and sing better, it is better to use an instrument to support your voice and give the right tune to your song. A piano or a guitar would be of immense help to your song, you can have one who is good in playing instruments to help you play whilst you sing.

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    Learn an Instrument

    As a musician to help you practice and effectively sing your song and other songs after that, it is important to learn an instrument not just for this song but for the future. Learning musical instruments will broaden your knowledge in writing and sing songs, also helping to know which musical instrument is best suited for the song.

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    Writing is not a one day job, with more practice one can become better, not all songwriters end up to be musicians, but end up to help other singers released platinum albums. The more you are invested in this you would then be able to choose which path you want to veer into, as a songwriter or a musician. More practice makes up for perfection. All the best.

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