Steps To Survive Long Flights

Flights can be very unbearable, especially the really long ones. If you have experienced a long flight before, then you must know that they aren’t fun at all. Nevertheless, they can actually turn out to be pretty much fun if plan right. All you need is a few things to do that will keep you mentally and physically active until you land. We have compiled a list of things you can do to keep you from losing your mind when going through a long flight.


  • 1

    Choose Certain Foods

    There are certain foods rich in carbohydrates that can help one cope with jet-lag. Foods like oatmeal, spaghetti, and whole grain breads can really help induce insulin secretion which makes it easier to transit from one sleep to the other.


  • 2

    Stack up on Healthy Snacks

    If you are on the ground and hungry, you can easily grab something to eat compared to being on the plane. It’s either you resort to buying expensive foods which is unlikely or wait for meals to be served which can be very insatiable. So bring along with you, enough snacks to keep you filled and happy until you land.


  • 3

    Stay Hydrated

    Studies has shown that air travel can be incredibly dehydrating, and experts has recommended to drink and stay hydrated always. It will help you get through the flight without giving you more reasons to become agitated.

  • 4

    Avoid Coffee

    Caffeine will take sleep far from away from your eyes, cause you to become constantly dehydrated, and make you irritable which is the last thing you want. So avoid at all cost.

  • 5

    Wear Something Comfortable

    Given that your flight is going to be pretty long and stressful, and depending on how well you can handle it, wearing something that’s far from comfortable might just add to the stress. So keep it light and comfortable.


  • 6

    Carry A Neck Pillow

    At some point you’ll need to take a nap, and neck pillows can really come in handy. Sleeping during long flights are very important, and if you are like most people that can only sleep in their most comfortable states, then you can’t afford to do without a neck pillow.

  • 7

    Listen To Meditation Sound

    Listening to sounds can help to ease your mind away from the boring flight and cause you to meditate on random things that should keep your mind occupied enough until you land. Most importantly, it they can also ease you to sleep for as long as it takes.


  • 8

    Wear Eye Masks

    Eye masks can help to shut out bright lights which in-turn enhances good sleep.

  • 9

    Entertain Yourself

    You can always entertain yourself with something you find worthwhile. It could be playing games, watching favorite movies, reading novels and so on. Just anything to help you stay positively minded before losing it. Just remember to keep your phone or tablet on flight mode.

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