Best Places for Breakfast in London

Being a metropolitan city, London not only creates a lot of work opportunities for people, but it also has a wide range of restaurants operating in it. These eating places not only serve lunch and dinner, but they also dish up breakfasts. However, people who are not well aware of eating places that serve excellent breakfast end up getting confused as they don’t know which one is the best. Moreover, not every restaurant serves similar type of food or dishes in the breakfast therefore, it makes the decision to choose a bistro for morning repast more complex. In order to help out our readers with this problem, step by step has compiled a list of best places for breakfast in London.


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    This is one of those cafes that serve different dishes in breakfast, which include vegetables, eggs, guacamole and mushrooms' variety. The cost of the breakfast for two persons along with drinks and service charges is £20.

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    Dean Street Townhouse

    Dean Street Townhouse offers a typical healthy menu that makes this eatery a perfect place for those who love to start their morning with a healthy repast consisting of  juices, various types of salads, bramble porridge and much more. The cost for two persons will be around £30 at this venue.

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    The Delaunay

    This place promises a traditional English breakfast that includes, muffins, pancakes, fruits, waffles, yogurt and etc. In addition to this, guests will also find granola, muesli and kippers at this eating place.

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    It is a welcoming brasserie that looks inspired from the decor of Irani cafes which one can find in Mumbai. However, in the menu, guests wouldn't find an abundance of sausage and bacon. The average cost of breakfast for two persons at this venue is around £22.

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    Hawksmoor Guildhall

    Hawksmoor serves high quality and delicious food, which makes it a hearty fare. The menu of this eating place boasts of foodstuff like bacon chops, devilled kidneys, eggs along with steaks and full English breakfast.

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    As intriguing as the name is, it is a Kiwi styled smart eatery that has the services of one of the top Kiwi chef in London, Peter Gordon. The average cost of two persons morning breakfast is close to £25.

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    Lantana continues to serve inventive and stirring breakfast dishes in the typical Aussie way. Due to this reason, this venue attracts a lot of customers, including tourists. The breakfast for two, together with drinks and services, will cost around £25.

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    The Modern Pantry

    This is sure to prove as a popular venue for those who like to have breakfast that makes them say, "wow." Almost all sorts of classic dishes are available there with unusual ingredients that cost two persons roughly £30.

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    Nopi not only has a fascinating name but it is a perfect eating place for those who are not looking forward to fry-ups. The charges for two persons’ breakfast at this eatery are around £28. 

  • 10

    The Riding House Café,

    The Riding House Cafe is a new brasserie that was opened in 2011, but it already has started doing well especially during breakfast time. You will usually find this place filled with professionals who visit the place for conducting meetings before going to the office. The breakfast for two here will cost guests roughly £28.

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    Gail's is a restaurant that has a brief breakfast menu that comprises of temptations like roasted pears, buttermilk pancakes with pecans, brioche French toast and much more. The average cost for two persons' breakfast is around £25.

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    This Austrian café was moved from Smithfield site to the bijou Camden Passage. Kipferl now serves breakfast and at reasonable rates, as two persons’ breakfast there will cost you around £20.

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    This is another popular venue which produces fine quality and scrumptious meals that force people to repeatedly make visits to the eatery. And not only that, but true value of money is also given in the dishes offered. The price for breakfast for two people is around £25.

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    Boulangerie Bon Matin

    This is another busy place that usually keeps buzzing in mornings. People visit it to take pleasure in its delicious cakes, pastries and coffee; apart from the regular breakfast menu, which will cost 2 people roughly £20.

  • 15

    Breads Etcetera

    Breads Etcetera is a slightly different type of brasserie that is also famous for its breakfast menu. Due to this reason, visitors should keep in mind that it can get very busy on the weekends. The cost for 2 people’s breakfast there is close to £23.

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    Roast offers a delicious breakfast menu that includes varieties like Cumberland sausages, smoked streaky bacon, black pudding, field mushrooms, fat grilled tomatoes, squeak and eggs. The average charges for two persons are £30.

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    No 67

    No 67 has a fine spectrum of breakfast menu that includes delicacies like dense, grilled chorizo slices, black morcilla, spicy baked beans and much more. The charges for two persons’ breakfast are also quite reasonable and at a meagre £15.

  • 18


    This is an absolute give way to the Antipodean breakfast culture, which has a decent set of breakfast menu. However, this venue is pricey as the cost of two persons' breakfast is £30.

  • 19

    Lido Café

    The cafe dishes up scrambled eggs on crunchy wholemeal toast, organic porridge, bacon baps, fruit and granola, sticky pastries and freshly squeezed orange juice. On weekends, the menu of this cafe extends to brunch dishes. Free wi-fi service is also available for customers. The average cost for two people's morning repast is £15.

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    Counter Café

    Counter cafe is famous for its creative cooking and good coffee. Apart from that, they have also fried potato cake served with different varieties. The cost of breakfast for two people at the venue is around £16.

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