Best Valentines Day Dance Parties in Dubai

For some, Valentine’s Day is a time to visit relaxing places which have a soothing environment with their friends, families and/or partners. They choose to spend a day in absolute serenity but then there are some of us who are in constant look out for excitement and fun, including people who love to dance. But finding a place that suites your upbeat, energized mood or show off that new dance move that you learnt is a head-ache. For them, this article suggests Dubai’s dancing parties on Valentine’s Day which are sure to breathe a new life of energy and enthusiasm in you. So if you live in Dubai and wish to dance to your heart’s content on Valentine’s Day, just put on your dancing shoes and visit one of the places suggested in this article.


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    Boudoir, is known to be one of the exclusive bars/nightclubs which hosts the majority of Lebanese crowd. Dressed to impress, once you manage to enter, the sound of music will welcome you which you will surely enjoy in Valentine’s Day.

    Location: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah, Dubai. View Map
    Telephone Number:
    +971 4 346 1111
    Visit  Boudoir’s website

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    Dubai Grand Hotel, promises outstanding value for money with what they offer. And their close proximity to may restaurants and shopping places makes it an ideal place for living. They boast of some great in-house bars/restaurants too.

    Bubble – Discotheque, rests inside Dubai Grand hotel and if you’re ready for some upbeat dancing in a smoky environment (thanks to the smoke machines), psychedelic and strobe lights, this is the place to test your dancing skills at!

    Location: Dubai Grand Hotel, Ghusais, Dubai. View map
    Telephone Number: +971 4 261 5796
    Visit Bubble’s website.

    Maikhana, offers the essence of Asia and live entertainment from the subcontinent. If you’d like to experience Asian ambiance, Maikhana will not disappoint you on the Valentine’s Day.

    Location: Dubai Grand Hotel, Ghusais, Dubai. View map
    Telephone Number: +971 4 261 5796
    Visit Maikhana's website.

    Shama, offers what Maikhana fails to deliver. If Pakistani experience is what you and your partner are in the mood for then you may want to visit Shama in Hotel Grand Dubai.

    Location: Dubai Grand Hotel, Ghusais, Dubai. Veiw Map
    Telephone Number: +971 4 261 5796
    Visit Shama’s website.

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    Club sensation, has a tight security which makes sure the crowd is maintained. Reviewed for having great music and an even better ambiance, you might want to make Club sensation your step on Valentine’s Day.

    Location: Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. View map.
    Telephone Number: +971 4 331 1111

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    Cavalli club, is situated in Fairmontt Dubai and is a place where dinning and fashion meet. It has a restaurant, sushi bar, wine bar and cocktail lounge. So choose your pick and make yourself comfortable!

    Location: Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. View map.
    Telephone Number: +971 4 332 9260
    Visit Cavalli club’s website.

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    Ramee International Hotel, is a 2 star hotel which is situated in the heart of Dubai, that offers, "Perfection personified," in its tagline. Their in-house restaurants are definitely a treat if you're looking for some dancing on this Valentine's Day.

    Garage Club
    , promises an experience none others do. Once you manage to enter inside, the interior decorated with vintage cars and and sawed roofs will be pretty noticeable along with its dance floor and live music.

    Ramee International Hotel, Deira, Dubai. View map.
    Telephone Number: +971 4 224 0222

    Rain Club and Lounge
    , is a nightclub in Ramee International Hotel. It presents you with breath-taking views of the Dubai Creek along with an enjoyable live music band.

    : Ramee International Hotel, Deira, Dubai. View map.
    Telephone Number: +971 4 224 0222
    Visit Rain Club and Lounge’s website.

    Time Café
    , has the largest plasma screen of 107” and an in-house DJ who will keep sending you to the dance floor with the music he plays. This lively place is sure to check out on Valentine’s Day.

    : Ramee International Hotel, Deira, Dubai. View map.
    Telephone Number: +971 4 224 0222
    Visit Time Café ‘s website.

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    El Malecon, is a new style of restaurant in Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa which has a live band. If you’re looking for some loud music and a great dining experience on Valentine’s day with foot tapping experience, make sure you pay it a visit!

    Location: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah, Dubai. View map.
    Telephone Number: +971 4 346 1111
    Visit El Malecon’s website.

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