Oman Tourist Visit Visa Requirements in Dubai

Tourism in Oman has shown considerable growth in the recent times. A major reason behind this magnetism is that the country has numerous tourist attractions and a well renowned culture as well. For this reason, people come to visit Oman from almost all countries in the world. This list of visitors also includes tourists from Dubai too, since the Consulate of Oman located in Dubai grants tourist visas to the residents of UAE. These tourists from Dubai come to Oman to see alluring sites in Muscat, Salalah,  Sohar, Nizwa and Sur. All they need to do is to get the tourist visa of Oman from Dubai. This visa can be obtained by following a simple procedure explained in this step by step guide.

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    The tourist visa of Oman allows visitors to spend 3 weeks in the country, as this visa is valid for one month.

    - Submit original passport along with the visa application form.

    - Applicant should duly sign the visa form.

    - Also provide a photocopy of the passport including the page that is showing entry into UAE.

    - Provide one picture.

    - Deposit relevant visa fee.

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    Visa Application Form

    Visa application form should be gathered from the Consulate of Oman in Dubai and it must be typed in English.

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    Visa Fee

    Charges to obtain the tourist visa of Oman are Dhs. 50 for all nationals. Whereas, Dhs. 2.50 is charged to the applicant for visa form.

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    Mode of Payment

    To determine in which form the Consulate of Oman in Dubai receives the visa fee, call the officials at this mission. 

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    Check List

    - Make sure that you are submitting the original passport.

    - Double check that you have duly signed the visa form.

    - Check whether you have made a copy of the passport and of the page that is showing your entry into UAE.

    - Don’t forget to provide a picture.

    - Verify that you are depositing the relevant visa fee.

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    Once all the documents, and visa form gets complete then speak to the authorities at the Consulate of Oman in Dubai to learn about the procedure of submission.

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    Processing Time

    After receiving the visa application from an applicant, the Consulate roughly takes 3 business days to conclude the process.

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    Collect Visa

    Get in touch with the authorities at Consulate of Oman in Dubai in order to know how you can collect your passport after the tourist visa is granted.

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