P.F. Chang’s Restaurant Dubai Overview

P.F. Chang’s Restaurant is a popular American chain of Chinese restaurants that has branches in various parts of the world, including Dubai. In Dubai, people can find it within Mall of Emirates in the area of Al Barsha, where it provides an excellent dining experience to its guests, every time when they walk into the restaurant.

The main reason behind the success of P.F. Chang’s Restaurant is the aroma it has created by maintaining balance in the taste, colour and texture of the food. Plus the usage of finest and freshest ingredients to prepare food, this forces people to come back to this venue again and again. Apart from this, the comfortable, stylish and upbeat settings of this restaurant has also helped a lot in alluring the people of Dubai, who can find historic hand painted murals, majestic tall horses statues and unique blend of American and Chinese cultures at this venue.

Contact: +971 4 395 1801


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    Products and Services of P.F. Chang’s Restaurant:

    - Dine-in option for brunch, lunch and dinner.

    - Authentic Chinese fare.

    - Business brunch facility.

    - Happy Hour and Kids Menu.

    - Vegetarian plates.

    - Fine assortment of wine and drinks.

    - Reservations.

    - Fine range of desserts.

    - Online orders placement system.

    - Large party menu for takeout is also available.

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    Operational Hours of P.F. Chang’s Restaurant:

    P.F. Chang’s Restaurant at Mall of Emirates opens daily between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm to serve brunch, lunch and dinner.

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    Location of P.F. Chang's Restaurant:

    Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Dama Issa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to P.F. Chang's Restaurant:

    By Bus

    Mall of Emirates Metro Station 4 bus stop is just 8 metres away from the P.F. Chang's Restaurant. Bus number F33 stops at this bus station, after reaching at this site, bus users can easily find their way to the destination on foot in about 6 seconds, if they head in the east course from this bus station. Follow Directions.

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