Best Venues for Kids in London

If you are planning a trip or a family visit to some place this summer then do not go anywhere other than London as this place provides some really good fun filled places for your kids. Your little kids can spend some quality time in nice play grounds and other amusement places in the city. London city offers some best venues for kids; hence you can take your children to these places to make their trip a life time experience. You have so many options to consider including world class museums, theatres, playgrounds and other attractions. So if you are looking for best venues for kids in London then do follow this step by step guide.


  • 1

    Diana Memorial Playground

    Diana Memorial Playground is a thrilling and adventurous place that is suitable for children up to 12 years old. The playground features an imaginative playing area and your children can enjoy a memorable experience of becoming a pirate for one day. It also features sea monster sculpture, Storyteller’s chair, a Giant Pirate ship and a tree carving. This place would definitely fascinate your little kids.

  • 2

    Horniman Museum

    This museum is located in South London and it allows you to explore a tremendous collection of more than 16000 musical items and your kids would love to play some of them in a designated play area. The collections present here range from old classical musical instruments to a modern collection.

  • 3

    Little Angel Theatre

    The Little Angel Theatre is for those kids who love puppets and their performance. And it is the only permanent puppet theatre situated in London, serving as a perfect place for children to enjoy a day.

  • 4

    Battersea Park Zoo

    Battersea Park Zoo is a small yet elegant Zoo, the zoo hold many distinct creatures that are loved by the children. Children would love to spend their day with chickens, rabbits, monkeys, goats and tortoises etc. The Battersea Zoo also features nice indoor and outdoor playing areas for children.

  • 5

    Unicorn Theatre For Children

    The Unicorn Theatre for Children is an iconic place located in London, the theatre features a unique styled white Unicorn and it also features two very nice performance area, The theatre organises in house shows on daily basis and the shows are very interesting and your kids would definitely love them.

  • 6

    London Zoo

    ZSL London Zoo is a must to go place for any family as it is one of the biggest zoos in the world. The Zoo features more than 76o species and it also features a nice Penguin Beach.

  • 7

    Eddie Catz

    Eddie Catz is an indoor adventure centre for children and it is located in southwest of London. The place provides a range of play areas for babies and toddlers, the place also features nice places for parents to have a cup of coffee with newspapers.

  • 8

    Hollywood Bowl

    Hollywood Bowl is a Leisure Complex for kids and it features more than 25 lanes of bowling, cafes and high tech Video games.

  • 9

    Planet Party at Avenue House

    Planet Party at Avenue House is themed to organise special kids parties. If you are going to celebrate your child's birthday or you are going to celebrate their success in exams, this place is best to go. You only have to chose the theme of the party and rest is handled by them. The themes include:

    Peppa Pig, Mr Men, Superheroes, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess

  • 10

    Topsy Turvy World

    Topsy Turvy World is an indoor soft play area for children of all ages. The place features multiple jumping, tumbling and sliding areas. The place is very attractive and well organised and your children will definitely love it.

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