Leytonstone Tube Station London

Leytonstone tube station started its operation in 1856, but it was later under the control of Great Eastern Railway in 1862, and then became a part of London & Northern Eastern Railway in 1923. There were some major changes made in its structure by New Works Programme during 1935 to 1940 and there are three platforms on this station. The entrance and exit to and from the ticket hall is through Church Lane, and the tube station emphasis on providing quality services to commuters to make their journey as easy as possible. Some of the amenities include disabled parking, wheelchairs & scooters and different services for blind and partially sighted people. Places to explore near Leytonstone Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    If you are looking for scrumptious food and coffee that will energize you, then visit the several restaurants and coffee shops that can be found near Leytonstone tube station.

    The Olive, Petchsayam Thai & Subway Leytonstone.

    Coffee Shops:
    Horizon, Le Parisien, Costa Coffee & San Marino Coffee.

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    Clubs & Bars

    If you are tired after a boring journey and want to relax and have some fun, then make your visit to the clubs and bars situated in the surroundings of Leytonstone Tube station a certainty.

    Panache London, R and D Night Club.

    Red Lion - Leytonstone, The Walnut Tree & O'Neill's.

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    Hotels & Accommodation

    You can find several hotels around Leytonstone tube station that offer luxurious rooms and exemplary services to all their clients.

    Lonsdale Lodge, Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel, William IV, Olympic Guest House, Abbotts Park Hotel & Sunningdale Hotel.

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    Sights and Attractions

    There are some natural sights with beautiful lush green parks and farms around Leytonstone tube station. A forest and a cricket ground is also located nearby.

    Brooks Farm, Henry Reynolds Gardens, Coronation Gardens, Epping Forest & Leyton County Cricket Ground.

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    Educational Institutes

    Education is very necessary for grooming an individual, and this is why there are some renowned schools and colleges located in the vicinity of Leytonstone tube station.

    Connaught School for Girls, George Tomlinson Primary School & Norlington School.

    Leytonstone Business and Enterprise Specialist School, East London College & Leyton Sixth Form College.

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Various gifts & book shops with a huge collection of gift items and books can be found in the surrounding area of Leytonstone tube station, and you can buy gifts for your loved ones, strengthening the bond you share with them.

    Gift Shops:
    Zain Cards & Gifts, Balloon & Gift Store & Islamic Impressions.

    Book Shops:
    Books for Children & WHSmith.

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    Health & Beauty Services

    Health and fitness are two important aspects which bring confidence in an individual. So if you want to look beautiful and fresh, several spas, gyms and beauty salons are situated near Leytonstone tube station.

    Radical Fitness Ltd & Complete Coaching.

    Nicholas Hair Salon, Kamile Hair & Beauty Salon & Essence of Beauty.

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    Emergency Services

    There are a number of police stations, fire brigade and ambulance services available to rescue people in case of a threat or an unfortunate event.

    Police Stations:
    Metropolitan Police Service, Leytonstone Police Station & Leyton Police Station.

    Fire Stations:
    Leytonstone Fire Station.

    Whips Cross Ambulance Station.

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    Hospitals & Clinics

    In order to get effective treatment under the supervision of well educated doctors, many hospitals and clinics are located in the vicinity of Leytonstone tube station.

    Whipps Cross University Hospital & Harrow Road Medical Centre.

    The Allum Practice, Francis Road Medical Centre & Wanstead Place Clinic.

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    Childcare Centers

    A dilemma is that parents want their children to be looked after but they don't have the time to do that themselves, so opting for a reputed child care centre is the next best option.

    Little Green Man Nursery.

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