Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Once it was a difficult task to set up a website, especially an Ecommerce website. But with the sped up technology things have become too easy. Now, you can sell your products from your WordPress blog even. Well, for this purpose you must have a self hosted WordPress site, not the website.

This is made possible with the help of hundreds of Ecommerce plugins available freely. However, excess of anything is not good and so is the case with WordPress Ecommerce plugins, i.e. with so many plugins available, it’s hard to make right choice. For your ease here’s the list of best WordPress Ecommerce plugins that can help you create an online store instantly.


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    This free plug-in is filled with shopping cart commerce system. The best thing about Ecwid is that it is easy to install and very simple to keep up with. Along with its advantages there is one drawback; Ecwid uses Ajax, which may effect the SEO settings of your website, besides that, users who do not have the JavaScript enabled, it is very difficult for them to use your website properly.

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    eshop is another free ecommerce plug-in for Wordpress, which is an all around a perfect e-cart. After analyzing the domain area you will notice that it is tremendously trouble-free in usage as well as for adding products. While reviewing the product’s details and checking out the stats you will find the entire procedure very much simple and easy. The eShop’s system is customizable, which makes it look awesome.

    Only issue you will face in eShop is the payment option. Limited options like PayPal and Payson are available for payments.

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    WP e-commerce

    WP e-commerce is known for having several features which makes it an ideal free ecommerce solution for Wordpress. Due to its quality and benefits it is considered to be the most widely used plug-in. By saying WP e-commerce a plugin you are definitely damaging its conventional usage, several robust and complex sites prefer WP e-commerce.

    WP e-commerce allows you to acknowledge manual payments, besides that a gold version of the cart allows you to make use of more payment types. Many add-ons are also available at the site for the carts; this includes shipping modules and product sliders. The only drawback of WP e-commerce is the printing invoices, because no option is available to customize the invoice.

    Follow a detailed guide on how to set up a Wordpress Ecommerce website using WP e-commerce.

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    A free plug-in with promising feature, Jigoshop, knows how to help you in managing your inventory, shipping rates and coupon codes.

    The list of payment of Jigoshop is not extensive, but the handy sidebar widget for the product search and filtering easily covers the flaw.

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