Bethnal Green Tube Station London

The Bethnal Green tube station is located in East London near the Central Line in Bethnal Green’s London Underground, and it is situated in Travelcard Zone 2 between Liverpool Street and Mile End stations. Before December 1946, there was an air-raid shelter in the area, and the station was opened with the purpose of extending the eastern part of Central Line. The Bethnal Green tube station was built according to the standards of the “New Work Programme 1935-1940”, and the inclusion of relief tiles, with some traditional symbols of London, made it all the more attractive and captivating. Harold Stabler designed Bethnal Green tube station and the entire area is served by the London Passenger Transport Board. In case commuters are looking for entrance and exit points, they can use Bethnal Green road, Cambridge Health road (East Side), Cambridge Health road (West Side), and Roman road. Places to explore near Bethnal Green Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops:

    There are a variety of elegant restaurants and coffee shops with elaborate décor and ambiance present in the area. They provide top-quality service and a wide variety of dishes and drinks – all this, combined with their warm hospitality, is bound to make your experience a delightful one.

    Nando’s Bethnal Green
    The Star of Bethnal Green
    Tango Instinct – “ La Forchetta”
    Melba's Restaurant

    Coffee Shops:
    Oxford House and 10 Gales
    Nicos Cafe-Dinner
    Kelly's Pie Shop
    Astro Star Cafe
    Bethnal Green Cafe
    Daily Cafe

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    Clubs & Bars:

    If you are on the lookout for some fun, and craving amusement, you might want to pop by the clubs & bars located near the station. Here, you can select from a wide range of drinks and beverages, along with enjoying the lively atmosphere filled with dancing and drinking.

    Bodylines Fitness
    La Forchetta Bar and Club
    The Young Foundation
    The Star of Bethnal Green

    Salmon and Ball
    Fymfyg Bar
    The Sun Inn and The Camel

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    Hotels & Accommodation:

    If you're looking to stay in the area for a while, you can enjoy the comfortable and luxurious accommodation offered at various places near the Bethnal Green tube station.

    City View
    Whitechapel Bell Foundry
    The RE Hotel London Shoreditch

    The RE Hotel London Shoreditch
    Alexander Fleming Halls of Residence (University of Westminster)
    Esk Valley Lodge – London Office and Old Friend

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    Sites and attractions:

    If you are in the mood for exciting recreational activities, and looking to visit some interesting sites where you can break away from your robotic routine, you might consider visiting a few sites and attractions near the station, such as the Women’s Library and Museum of Childhood.

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    School & Colleges:

    There are several educational institutions located around the tube station, where commuters can invest time and energy in enhancing their knowledge base, or simply in admiring the rich tradition of learning and scholarship at these institutes.

    Queen Mary
    University of London
    Hague Primary School
    Oaklands School and Bethnal Green Center

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    Gift & Book shops:

    There are plenty of gift and book shops right in the vicinity of the tube station, which is helpful for commuters if they need to buy a book or present on the go, and do not have time to go hunting for one particular item all over the city.

    Gift shops:
    Mahir London
    Nelly Duff

    Book shops:
    Eastside Books
    Donlon Books

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    Health & Beauty Services:

    You can find some extremely accommodating and helpful health and beauty service centers that are located near the tube station. Here, you can purchase and enjoy a variety of treatments and services, in addition to relaxing after your hectic routine at work.

    Bethnal Green Health Center
    The Mission Practice
    East London NHS Foundation Trust
    Spitalfields Practice

    Beauty Services:
    Emma For Beauty
    Angel Beauty Parlour
    Apsare Herbal
    Melanium Hair & Beauty

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    Emergency Services:

    There are several emergency services available near the tube station which not only ensure public safety, but also provide rescues in case of health related emergencies, and other issues.

    Helicopter Emergency Service
    Shadwell Station
    Metropolitan Police Service
    Bethnal Green Police Station
    Brick Lane Police Station
    City Of London Police
    Shoreditch Police Station
    Hackney Police Station
    City Of London Special Constabulary

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    Hospitals and Clinics:

    You don’t need to worry when it comes to medical and health related issues as long as you're near the tube, since a number of quality hospitals and clinics are situated nearby to provide services characterised by a high standard of medical expertise.

    Royal London Hospital
    Royal London Hospital (Whitechapel)
    The London Chest Hospital and The Green

    Bethnal Green Health Center
    Whitechapel Dental Center
    Abbey Dental Practice
    Vivadent dental clinic

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    Shopping Malls:

    There are shopping malls with multiple facilities located in the area, and you can shop for anything under one roof. The malls provide a plethora of retail outlets that sell different products, so you can browse and buy at your ease.

    The Lazy Ones
    Box Park Ltd
    The Waterlily Shopping Center
    Source Lifestyles

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    Childcare Centres:

    Childcare centers are very convenient for working parents. By sending their children to these centers, they can work peacefully, while knowing that their children are in safe hands. One of the childcare centers closest to the tube station is the Waversfield Community Nursery.

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