Black Seeds and their Miraculous Health Benefits

Black seed is also known as nigella sativa, onion seeds or kalonji. In UK, the term has changed from onion seeds to black seed. The term Kalonji is used in the indo-pakistani countries. Black seed is different to black sesame and can be easily confused with each other.  Black seed has been traced back many centuries in the middle-east. It has been mentioned in the Old Testament in the bible and the teachings of Islam.

This little seed has a powerful effect on one’s body, from anti-inflammatory to anti-bacterial effect.  It contains many vitamins and minerals.  It’s bursting with iron, calcium and magnesium. It expresses over 20 pharmacological effect which gives overall amazing boost to our health. It was first used to treat allergies and migraines. It reduces sugar levels in diabetic patients and helps seizures in epileptic patients. Now in recent studies, it has been shown to be effective against cancer cells.  Some studies have stated that it causes cell death.

The most common cancers that it can cure are prostrate, breast and colon cancer. If you suffer from abdominal pains, black seed is good for constipation, indigestion and haemorrhoids. It doesn’t end here; it also works wonders for respiratory disorders such as asthma, flu and emphysema. Overall it’s amazing for the immune system as it increases the production of bone marrow and immune cells.  Black seed oil can be used to treat arthritis and joint pain by rubbing it directly onto the skin. There are over 400 peer reviewed studies referencing the great benefits of black seed. The seeds are easily available at any local asian grocery store. They are very cheap and can be bought for less than a pound. There are many companies online that sell the oil form. One popular site is and another is

Black seed oil can also used to improve the health of our hair. The ancient queen of Egypt Nefertiti was known to use black seed oil on her hair and nails. As some of you might know through history that she was a woman of great beauty.  It also helps with hair growth and hair loss. Black seed oil contains important fatty acids which gives life to hair and body.

Black seed comes in other forms such as oil and now even in capsules. Black seed can be added to many cuisines for flavouring and bread. You can even add black seed to your tea. Black seed oil has a slight bitter taste so adding honey or sugar should make it less bitter.  Below is a quick recipe for a tasty black seed tea.


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    Recipe for black seed tea

    1.)    Grind the black seed and add to boiling water

    2.)    Let it to boil for at least 5 minutes so the taste infuses properly.

    3.)    Add a tablespoon of honey and grinded cardamoms and cinnamons.

    4.)    Pour into a flask/teapot using a handheld sieve.

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