Bonfire Night Fireworks Display in London

Each year Londoners commemorate Guy Fawkes Night around November 5 as Bonfire Night Fireworks display. On this night, wonderful firework displays take place throughout the capital in order to mark the event in its traditional style. These Bonfire Night Fireworks provide a great chance to all people in London to watch this amazing display from any place in the capital. This makes Bonfire Night Fireworks a truly sparkling night and people of all ages can be found on the streets of the city. Those who are familiar with Bonfire Night Fireworks display start planning with their friends and family members in terms of where to catch glimpses of the fireworks even before November begins. Although, these fireworks take place throughout London, but one of the best places to see it live is Crystal Palace Park.


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    The history behind celebrating Bonfire Night Fireworks displays on November 5 is that there used to be a person called Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up the House of Parliament in 1605 with the help of barrels of gunpowder. Ruler of that time, King James I, was inside the House of Parliament when Fawkes tried to blow it up. However, Fawkes got caught before he could cause any damage and immediately executed after the arrest was made.

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    Londoners gather on different spots in the capital to watch the fabulous fireworks display and enjoy an amazing evening with their family, relatives or friends. As these fireworks take place across the capital, therefore it gives both tourists and locals a great chance to relish spectacular show at their convenience. Whereas, children make a statute from clothes and then burn it on November 5.

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    Important Dates:

    The Bonfire Night Fireworks display usually takes place in November (around November 5 of each year).

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    The duration of Bonfire Night Fireworks display is one day.

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    How to Contact:

    In order to contact management of Crystal Palace Park in London to enquire about Bonfire Night Fireworks display, people can use the telephone number or email address given below:

    Phone: +44 20 8778 7148

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    To know about the price of the tickets of Bonfire Night Fireworks display at Crystal Palace Park in London, click here to know it, or send an enquiry email on the address given above.

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    Crystal Palace Park, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get there:

    By Tube

    Crystal Palace Overground Station is the best option to reach Crystal Palace Park, if a person is not coming by cab or his or her private car. This overground station is about 0.4 miles away from Crystal Palace Park and by walk this distance can be covered in about 8 minutes. However, to do so, patrons should head southwest on Crystal Palace Station Road towards Ledrington Road and then, turn right onto Ledrington Road. Later, take two right turns after which turn left and the park will be on the left. Directions from Crystal Palace Overground Station to Crystal Palace Park.

    By Bus

    Crystal Palace bus stop is about 7 minutes walk from Crystal Palace Park, as it is also 0.4 miles away from this site and directions are also similar to the ones which commuters follow after exiting Crystal Palace Overground station.

    Head southwest on Crystal Palace Station Road towards Ledrington Road then, turn right onto Ledrington Road and after that, take two right turns before turning on the left side in order to find the destination on the right side.

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