Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre London

Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre was established in 2005, but Exchequer Chancellor Golden Brown officially inaugurated it in 2006. A major body of the school is responsible for its management on behalf of Haringey Council, and offers its services to the Bruce Grove and West Green communities of Tottenham. The children’s centre is a single story building shared by the Broadwater Farm Children’s primary school and it provides a number of learning and development opportunities to young children. They have a very ambitious and hard working staff to cater to the needs of children, while the motive behind it is to provide quality lifestyle and learning for children with parental support.


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    Broadwater Farm Children's centre services

    - The centre provides a sensory room which is a stimulating room that allows children to use their five senses.
    - There is a separate playroom for children in the centre where they can play different games to develop their physical skills.
    - Libraries and child minder shops are also available.
    - There is a large community room for children where they can perform different community activities.
    - Parenting support and group activities are provided.
    - Many indoor and outdoor activities are performed to enhance confidence and hidden skills of the children.

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    Operational hours of the Broadwater Farm Children's centre

    Broadwater Farm Children's centre operates five days a week and the timings are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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    How to contact with Broadwater Farm Children's centre

    If you want to contact Broadwater Farm Children's centre, then you should visit the office in their timing hours or contact via phone through the given number.

    Contact: +44 20 8885 8800

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    Careers at Broadwater Farm Children's centre

    You can find various job opportunities at Broadwater Farm Children's Centre. You can either visit their office or send your resume by e-mail.


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    Broadwater Farm Children's centre location

    Adams Road London, N17 6HE, United Kingdom.

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    How to get Broadwater Farm Children's centre at Adams Road

    By tube

    Broadwater Farm Children's centre is situated at a few minutes distance from Turnpike Lane tube station. If you want to get to it by car, then you will drive southeast on Green Lanes and turn slightly left on West Green Road. Turn left on Belmont Road and from the roundabout, take the third exit into Downhills Park Road and turn left into Higham Road. By turning left from Higham, you will enter Gloucester Road and take a right turn from the Road into Adams Road. You will find the children centre on your left side. For a complete route map from Turnpike lane tube station to Broadwater Farm Children's centre, click here.

    By bus

    If you wish to go to Broadwater Farm Children's centre by local transport then the nearest bus stop is Broadwater Farm Estate (Stop)‎. You can easily reach the children centre by using services of bus number W4.

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