List of Popular Fashion Brands in London

Fashion itself is a single word embedded with several definitions and meanings. Some say fashion should be something in which you feel comfortable, or fashion is something which is in trend or something which you can carry well. Everyone has their own perspective. But whatever fashion is, it also carries brands with itself as well.

Brands are actually a label by which a company produces something unique and distinctive for the world of fashion, this is the reason why brand and fashion are some way or the other linked to each other. There are many brands in London and few are originated from this city of fashion and class. Even if some are not originated or founded from London, but their head quarters are present there. Few prominent brands in London that leave others behind are discussed below.


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    Dorothy Perkins, is an eminent brand which was founded back in 1990, and since then it has become a favorite brand of many Londoners and people living around the globe. This brand is also famous by the name of Dotty P. The head quarter of Dorothy Perkins is in London, but after acquiring huge success and customers, it is serving in several other countries across the continent as well.

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    Burton is yet another famous retailer clothing company that was founded in 1903. This stylish and unique brand has been producing amazing attire for men, which includes casual along with formal wear. Burton’s headquarter is in London, but it has successfully built 400 stores all around United Kingdom and Ireland.

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    Jaeger, a famous high class fashion brand which has been introducing elegant, chick and voguish wear of women along with trendy, smart and classy attire for men, since 1884. Besides clothing, the founders of this prominent brand of UK have been making tremendous accessories and shoes. Jaeger is a popular retailer, it’s headquarter is in London, but the outlets are spread all over the country.

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    Reiss is another illustrious and recognized British brand that stepped into the world of fashion in 1971. Reiss has been honored with several awards which includes RIBA, Civic Trust and the BCO Award. David Reiss who is known as the founder of the company worked day and night in urge to fortify the position of his company in the market by understanding the likes and dislikes of people and about their wear.

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    Marks & Spencer, which is also known by the name of M&S, was founded by two English men Sir Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in 1884. Besides the selling of clothes, accessories and various other luxurious products, they have also been selling food product.  With the help of a survey it was known that they have 1010 stores in various locations around the globe.

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    Burberry has attained a huge recognition in the luxurious fashion world. This English company introduced its products in 1856 from clothing and in next to no time they started making various other products besides attire, which includes bags, shoes, belts etc. The best part of this brand is that with time they have not only being modifying their present products, but they have introduced several distinctive items, perfumes are one of the examples.

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    Blue Inc comes under those brands who being very young in the market fortified themselves at the top position and accomplished is grabbing the spot light. Blue Inc initialized its work by introducing clothing for men who desire to attain low priced, yet stylish and trendy clothing, later on they started selling women attire as well. The company came into being in 1997 and since then it has been surprising and attracting the market as well and its customers towards itself.

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    L.K.Bennett is a London based Luxurious fashion brand which was founded by Linda K Bennett. Initially their main focus was clothing but then they started off with making shoes, accessories and several other luxurious items.

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    Lambretta, clothing company came into being when the Lambretta scooter company reached the height of fame. The clothing line was introduced in 1997 and since then it has been surprising people with their fanatical and tremendous sense of style. The clothing company originated from London and the founder Rob Hamer took the license from the scooter company and named its brand after the famous Indian scooter company.

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    FCUK, which is basically an abbreviation of the French Connection United Kingdom, has been in the fashion industry for a very long time. It is not only UK where the brand has acquired such an immense fame, but all over the globe this brand has been admired and still is. Besides clothing and accessories FCUK has been introducing several other products which include glasses, fragrances and toiletries. The company was founded in 1972 and since then it has been going up.

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