London Olympic Park

London Olympic Park is a centerpiece of magnetism and attraction for the tourists from across the world. Thousands of tourists are expected to show their presence in the Olympic Park area during the London 2012 games.

The area is surrounded by 4,000 semi-mature trees and more than 300,000 wetland plants embrace splendor and beauty in the locale. More than 8 million tickets are on sale for Olympic and Paralympic games and millions of people from UK are enthusiastically waiting to welcome the community heroes from across the world.

The erection and construction of the park is in its final phase, and was started back in 2006. There are several facilities for disabled spectators like disabled parking and other amenities are provided at the venue. In addition, “Park and Ride” service will also be there for the viewers.

The park will be open for spectators right 90 minutes before the starting of 2012 Olympic Games.

london olympics park ariel view

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Visit: London Olympic official website.


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    Aquatics Centre in Olympic Park:

    It is situated in South-east corner of the Olympic Park.  Different events like Swimming, Paralympic Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming and Modern Pentathlon Swimming etc of 2012 Olympics Games are supposed to be organized in Aquatics Centre.It is expected that over two-third of spectators will enter the park over the huge bridge that lead to the upper part of the park. Although, it is a permanent venue but some temporary extension will be done for Olympics.

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    Basketball Arena in Olympic Park:

    It is situated in the north side area of the Olympic Park and is a temporary location for hosting 2012 Olympics Basketball games, later the arena will be moved to some other area in the UK. The Basketball Arena is going to host a number of games like Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby and Handball completion’s final stages. The transformation time of venue from basketball completion to Handball competition finals will be of just 22 hours and during this time, basketball posts will be replaced to handball goals and field of play mat. After that when Wheelchair Basket ball competition ends, just 12 hours will be given for wheelchair rugby in the Paralympic Games.

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    BMX Track in Olympic Park:

    The track is located in the north of Olympic Park. There will be two events organized on this track. UCI BMX Supercross World Cup was scheduled in this track for the third round of the event. The seating facility will be detached in the BMX Track after the event and further used for community purpose only.

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    Copper Box in Olympic Park:

    The site is located on the west side of the Olympic Park. The initial round and quarter-final of the Handball-competition and Fencing discipline of Modern Pentathlon are scheduled here. Goalball is also scheduled in this venue during the Paralympic Games. After the completion of Handball competition, only 48 hours will be given to arrange Modern Pentathlon Fencing event.

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    Eton Manor in Olympic Park:

    The venue is located on the north of Olympic Park. Eton Manor will provide sporting facility for Wheelchair Tennis during the London Olympic Games 2012. Six events will be arranged at this place. There will be temporary training pools in the venue for those who are participating in Aquatics events, beside that it will also host Wheelchair Tennis in Paralympic Games.

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    Olympic Stadium in Olympic Park:

    You will find the venue on the south of the Olympic park with waterways in its surrounding area. 208 events along with opening and closing ceremonies of the event will be organized in the Olympic Stadium and events like Athletics and Paralympic Athletics are scheduled in this venue.

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    Riverbank Arena in Olympic Park:

    Riverbank Arena is located within the Olympic Park. Only 4 events are scheduled in the arena. There will be only two pitches in the Riverbank Arena, one with spectator seating and the other will use as a warm-up area. The arena will be shifted on the north-side area of the Olympic Park after the completion of events.

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    Velodrome in Olympic Park:

    Velodrome will facilitate Track Cycling and Paralympic Cycling in its arena. The track is located on the north of the Olympic Park. 28 events will be played in this track and it has a capacity of 3500 seats.

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    Waterpolo Arena in Olympic Park:

    Waterpolo Arena located on the South-east corner of the Olympic Park, which is quite near to the Olympic Stadium and beside the Aquatics Centre. It is the venue for Water Polo completion. Only 2 events are scheduled here. The arena will provide the sporting facility for men and women’s Water Polo competition. It has two pools, one is warm-up pool and the other is competition pool. It is expected to relocate the arena to some other location in UK after London Olympic Games.

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    Entry and exit points:

    A Bridge, 250 meters in length and 40 meters in width will be the main access point for the spectators to Olympic Park during the Games. The bridge will also act as roof for training pool. In order to see the entry and exit points to the park you can follow the Link to entry and exit points to the stadium.

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    London Olympic Park South-east corner, Stratford,London,E15, E15.

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    How to get there:

    By tube:

    The nearest tube station to Olympic Park is Stratford tube station. Move south on Station St to Great Eastern Rd/A11, then take right towards Great Eastern Rd/A11 and follow A11. Head right towards Carpenters Rd then move left and the destination will be on your right.View map

    By bus:

    The nearest bus stop to Olympic stadium is Stratford, Stratford H St Carpenters Road (Stop N) and buses number 25,108, 276,425 and N8 serve this area.

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