Burj Nahar Dubai Overview

Among many beautiful destinations in Dubai, Burj Nahar has special value because of its history and beautiful surroundings. Burj Nahar is the only historic monument in Dubai built in 1870. It was one of three Guard towers built to view the movements of enemy tribes around Deira City. An old building made of bricks is located in old Deira City surrounded in beautiful date trees and landscaped garden. Burj Nahar is 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, 15 Kms from World Trade Centre, 7 Kms from Dubai Creek Golf Club. Burj Nahar can be reached by multiple means including Metro, Bus, Taxi and Car. Visit  article on guide to get to Burj Nahar Dubai to get exact locations and maps.

Here are some steps to take full advantage of your trip to Burj Nahar.


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    Entry to Burj Nahar is free. It remains open from early morning to late in night. Tourists can enter Guard tower, take pictures and see surrounding beauties without any payment.

    After you are at Burj Nahar, take some pictures of the beautiful scenario enveloping the Burj Nahar in trees and magnificent garden. As Nahar is located in the Deira, the narrow lines of Deira are hospitalised by variety of people to whom you can ask for cosy coffee. You can also witness two other towers in Deira City. These are located just a kilometre away from main Burj Nahar Tower on same Omar Bin Al Khattab road.

    Besides this, you can also explore the entire location by visiting some must-see places near Burj Nahar. Below is given some of these places.

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    Hotels near Burj Nahar

    Burj Nahar is not only surrounded by beautiful sceneries but it also have hotels with amazing architectural designs. To get full out of your trip to Burj Nahar, you may want to book a hotel near Burj Nahar. Here is a list of hotels closest to this historical location.

    Al Sham hotel Dubai

    Deira Town Hotel Dubai

    Claridge Hotel

    Lotus Boutique Hotel

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    Magic Planet Playing arena near Burj Nahar

    Located in the Deira City Centre complex, Magic planet features all sorts of playing activities and mind blowing games like Clarence Camel's Adventure Zone, miniature golf course, carousel, and bowling alley for children and their parents.

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    Historical Village near Burj Nahar

    The Hatta Heritage Village is a 400 years old village nestled in Hajjar mountains. It is just 0.7 miles away from burj Nahar and considered the one of the best historic places in Dubai.

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    Museum near Burj Nahar

    Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House is one of the oldest residencies in Dubai. The home now serves as museum, where visitors can see historical photographs, artifacts and architecture. It is just 0.5 miles away from Burj Nahar. It would make you rich in excellent photgraphs if you make plan to visit.

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    Restaurants near Burj Nahar

    Although each of the hotel listed above have restaurant facility, but if tourists may also enjoy a complete range of foods in specialised restaurants. There are only two restaurants closest to Burj Nahar.

    Al Maha Coffee Shop & Restaurants

    Al Napoorna Group of Restaurants:

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