Dynasty Restaurant Ramada Dubai Overview

One of the finest places to enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine in Dubai is Dynasty Restaurant in Ramda Hotel, Dubai. This bistro serves a wide variety of dishes which includes Cantonese and Szechwan affair plus vegetarian food. Aside from this, famous delicacies like dim sum food along with business lunch and set menu are also offered at this bistro. People of Dubai can also avail their private dinner room in case they want to have privacy while having food at this venue. However, this private dinner room can be availed only if a request is placed beforehand. In a nutshell, Dynasty Restaurant is the best place if you want to savour authentic Chinese food in Dubai.

Contact: +971 4 506 1148
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    Products and Services of Dynasty Restaurant:

    Dynasty Restaurant offers a wide variety of food related services which its guests can tryout. Below is the index of products and services you can relish at Dynasty Restaurant in Ramda Hotel, Dubai:

    - Dynasty Restaurant serves authentic and finest Chinese cuisine which includes both Cantonese and Szechwan varieties.

    - Guests can also savour dim sum and Peking duck from the menu of Dynasty Restaurant.

    - Set menus as well as Business Lunch are also offered to the guests at this eating place.

    - Aside from the regular meat dishes, guests will also find some vegetarian dishes in the menu.

    - This eatery also has a private dinner room but it is available only on request.

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    Operational Hours of Dynasty Restaurant:

    The opening hours of the Dynasty Restaurant for lunch are from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm and dinner is dished up from 7:00 pm till midnight.

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    Location of Dynasty Restaurant:

    Ramada Hotel, 4 A Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Dynasty Restaurant:

    By Metro

    Al Fahidi Metro Station 1 is about 350 metres away from the Dynasty Restaurant, if a patron chooses to walk from this metro station and it will take him or her about 5 minutes to complete this journey on foot. As far as the direction is concerned patron should head the southwest course on Al Mankhool Road/D 90 towards 7th Street, after exiting from this metro station and soon he or she will locate the destination on left side. Directions form Al Fahidi Metro Station 1 to Dynasty Restaurant.

    By Bus

    Rais Center - Dubai bus stop is 88 metres away from the Dynasty Restaurant in Ramda Hotel Dubai, which makes it a walking journey of just 1 minute. If a bus user heads northeast on Al Mankhool Road/D 90 toward 9 A Street, after arriving at this bus stop, he or she will soon find the destination on the right side. Bus number C1 serves this bus station. Directions from Rais Center - Dubai to Dynasty Restaurant.

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