Animal Welfare Services in Dubai

People living in Dubai or else those who visit the city and have affection for pets are though not in majority, but they still are in big numbers. So, they always need a helping hand.  Mostly you will find cats; birds and dogs at their home, besides that many have built huge aquariums. Whoever has warmth for nature they are definitely fond of animals. In order make this friendly bond healthy and non violent the government of Dubai has allowed few privates centers to assist people in keeping healthy animals at home as pets.

These communities play a major role in spreading awareness among people, especially about the disadvantages and precautionary measure. Medical assistance is also available so that you can consult a vet if you do not find your pet in its normal condition.

If you are citizen of Dubai or a visitor who wants to bring in pet here or looking for a helpful advice for your favorite animal then take a look at the list of some famous and reliable animal welfare services in Dubai.


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    Feline Friends, Dubai

    Cat lovers should choose Feline Friends service, due to their experience and reliable facilities. They will not only help you in giving good advices, but those who wish to adopt a cuddly little adorable cat should take no time in contacting them. All abandoned cats arrive at their center, which are immediately medically treated and given vaccines.

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    Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project

    Turtle, one of the most important specie is dying due to our ignorance towards its well being. But in order to keep their inhabitants safe Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project came into being that is running successfully since its inauguration. The infected or ill turtles are provided medical assistance and then sent to Burj Al Arab Aquarium.

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    Dubai Animal Rescue Center

    Dubai Animal Rescue Center’s satisfactory service has helped the foundation to grow more and acquire positive results. They do not focus on any particular animal. This organization aims to keep the inhabitants of all animals safe and provide them secure living.

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    Dubai Pug Club

    The cute little fellow with a short-muzzled face will steal your heart with its mischievous yet adorable behavior. Dubai Pug Club is the only place in the capital city of UAE where these curled tail dogs are found. You can become a member of this center and arrange play dates for your lovely pet or share some exciting experience with the group members.

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