Ways to Hire Maids & Nannies in Dubai

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with children, house chores, taking care of elders or your significant other then there’s a strong possibility that you have been curious to know the services and costs of hiring a housemaid or nanny. Most UAE nationals often employ the services of housemaids, as do many of expatriates.

What’s the point of living in Dubai if you are still doing your own chores and do not have a maid? This step by step article will not only show you how to hire maids yourself but also what the going rates are, where most of the best maids originate from, and what you are responsible for once you employ them to become your official maids or caretakers in Dubai.


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    Although you can hire maids of any nationality traditionally in Dubai the best ones come from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. Keep in mind that experience levels, soft skills, childbearing knowledge all vary greatly from person to person. You must use your own judgment to select a maid that is right for your specific needs.  Some people have the maids to look after the children, house chores or a combination of both, regardless of your reason, our job is to provide you with a breakdown of what the basic costs for hiring a maid is in Dubai.

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    To employ the full time services of a maid or caretaker you have to also meet some minimum requirements. In terms of your salary you have to be able to afford a maid and must show proof that you are earning a salary of over  6000 AED. Your maid cannot be related to you or of the same nationality as you to minimize the abuse of the visa system. Sponsoring your maid requires you to personally deal with all required paperwork and making sure the maid you are hiring does not have any diseases or ill health symptoms that can be passed onto those of your household or others living in Dubai.

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    You can hire maids on the recommendations of friends or co-workers and you have to choice to apply for the visa yourself, but the vast majority of UAE nationals and most expats use agencies for this process.  Here are couple of agencies you can use to sponsor or even hire a part time maids:

    a) Alkhadam agency

    b) Dubai-maids.com

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    If you decide to sponsor a nanny or caretaker yourself to work and live with you in your own house, here are all the things you would need:

    a.  You would have to sponsor the maids visa and the their passport must have the entry and the exit date stamped.

    b. To  apply for the maids visa you would have to contact Naturalisation & Residency Department in Dubai at 04 313 9999.

    c. you must pay the Dhs 5,000 fee per year but you also must earn after paying for the cost of living, at least 6,500 Dhs.

    d. You must pay for the airline ticket for the maid.

    e.  You will need to fill in a residence (allowing the maid to live in Dubai) form, which must be filled in Arabic. Only thing on the form will be in English is your name (your name must be in English and Arabic)

    f. you will need a letter of no objection from your employer/sponsor

    g. You will need four passport size photos

    h. You will also need a copy of your passport

    i. You need to apply for a labour card (which means your maid can work in Dubai) for your maid

    j. Your maid will also need a medical certificate, which you need to apply for and includes health insurance. The labour card and the medical certificate will cost you around Dhs600.

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