Cinestar Deira City Centre Dubai Overview

If you are planning to go Dubai for Holidays, and have not added Deira City Centre in your list of destination, then you are going to miss one of the real specialties of the City. The most popular mall of Dubai attracts you not only with its restaurants, cafes, top brands’ outlets, but it also provides you the most luxurious cinema of the Emirates.

Equipped with the Hi-Fi equipments, the Cinestar Cinema produces an effect, you have not experienced before. VOX cinema values your time and ensures to provide you the best family time among all available enjoyments. You should experience the Cinema with all its essences.

Here is an overview of the overall area. Simply scroll down and get to know about all the key factors of the place you are about to visit.


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    The largest in the City, 11 screens Multiplex Cinestar make you feel part of the Movie with its 3D technology and 5 X Dolby sound systems. Cinestar treats its cutomers as guests and provide them what they thought while entering into the cinema.

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    11 screens come with different seating capacities. Screen 1 has capacity of 475 while screen 2 has 428. All of the rest are less than 300, with screen 4 and 9 have only 120 capacities.

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    Cinema offers you to experience the most advanced technology in the Cinema industry. Up to date Audio and Visual technology, ultra clear screens, latest sound system and amplification system provide you a feel of being part of the Movie.

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    VOX gold, a private cinema experience with full automated armchairs, and adjustable footrests, provides you uninterrupted experience. You can ask for drinks or snacks anytime during the movie sitting at your own seat. VOX Gold system is available with each cinema to enhance the pleasure of your movie viewing.

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    VOX MAX offers you 20 meter wide digital screen, with 100% ultra clear viewing, and the most advanced digital sound system. You can enjoy a new RealD 3D technology with the same price.

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    Cinestar understands needs of its guests, so provide easy access to their lobby and galleries. Deira City Centre does not have parking problem, and added advantage is an easy and quick access to the Cinema. Even if you are on Wheelchair, a special facility has been provided to cater this problem.

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    You need not to worry about the ticket price, as Cinestar does not cost you more than 30 or 40 AED. Cinema gives value to their customers than money. And never forget to enjoy crispy popcorns.

    Location: Deira City Centre, 2nd Floor, Al Ittihad Rd. Dubai View map
    Contact for booking’s: +971 4 294 9000
    Fax +971 4 294 9450
    Visit Cinestar Deira Dubai Website.

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