Dubai Shopping Festival

It has been over almost 2 decades since the festival was first started as a month-long yearly event. From a small shopping festival to an event that now takes the whole of Dubai by storm, Dubai Shopping Festival is the perfect example of magnificence.

Although the basic aim was to allow people a tax-free shopping experience, it has now grown to encompass much more than just that. From Global Village to attractive prizes, and from entertainment and cultural events to the fashion week, Dubai Shopping Festival has even outgrown its own expectations. This is why it is such a crowd puller now and people from different parts of the world make a point to experience it at least once.

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    It was 15th February 1996 when the festival was started for the first time with an objective to rejuvenate the trade in retail products in Dubai. It has experienced an exponential growth since then and registered 35 million visitors since the year it was started.  These people are reported to have spent Dh74 billion in all – lodging, travel, shopping etc.

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    Activities & Attractions

    - There is a fascinating display of fireworks at the start of the festival. Which is then followed by discounted and tax-free shopping opportunities on a range of different products, including jewelry.

    - There is an opportunity to win a variety of prizes and instant cash rewards through lucky draws, games and other mediums.

    - Famous and known artists including singers, dancers and performers entertain visitors during the several events held as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

    - Visitors get a chance to explore the real meaning of ‘global village’ in the Global Village set up at the festival. Different countries showcase their culture and heritage for an international audience.

    - A week-long fashion show is also organized and has international participants.

    - Visitors get to eat food and taste cuisines from around the world during the duration of the festival.

    - Seminars, exhibitions and conferences are also arranged on various topics. These include book fairs and other aspects of the literary and entertainment world.

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    Tickets and Entry Requirements

    There are generally no tickets required for entry, but this depends on where you are going and the type of event you’re attending. For example if you’re attending the fashion show, you might need a ticket, but if you are just enjoying the fireworks and stalls on display, you can do so for free.

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    The festival lasts for about a month. The 2014 event was stretched over a total of 32 days.

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    Important Dates

    The dates on which Dubai Shopping Festival is held each year are different. But it does take place in the first quarter of each year.

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    Contacting the Dubai Shopping Festival

    The festival is organized by Dubai Events & Promotional Establishment each year. In case of any questions, comments or queries, they can be contacted on the number provided below.

    Telephone:  +971 4 2235 444

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    The events in the festival are spread over the city, being held in different parts and locations. You can view the location map for the 2014 event here.

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